Adopting Children through Children’s Hope International,  a non-profit, non-denominational, faith-based  501(C)(3) adoption and humanitarian aid agency committed to the mission of giving homes, health and hope to children in need, with a special focus on orphans from China, Honduras, and Bulgaria with special needs.  We are Accredited by the COA and Hague and are committed to the utmost integrity in meeting these needs. Our home office is in St. Louis, Missouri.


Our roots go back to 1982 as an international education institute which provided assistance with adoption for its members and aid for the most vulnerable and needy. When China opened up to international adoption in 1992, we recognized this opportunity to help orphaned children find loving homes and/or give compassionate aid.  Thus Children’s Hope International began.  Since then, Children’s Hope has united over 8,000 children with their adoptive families and together with our partners in Hope,  given over $10,000,000 to the most needy and vulnerable children in China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ethiopia, India, Guatemala, Colombia, Vietnam, Bulgaria and other countries.  Many individuals, families, congregations and other organizations have joined us as PARTNERS IN HOPE to bring food, shelter, medical care and education to the un-adopted, vulnerable and abandoned


Our staff  is committed to this mission and are compassionately engaged in changing lives.  Our international offices are located in Beijing and Guangzhou, China a with representatives Bulgaria. The well-trained, caring and bi-lingual staff members within these counties are able to assist in adoption of children or distribution and utilization of funds for the greatest good of families and the children.

Our entire staff is  aware of the nuances that may occur while being immersed within a different culture and are able to serve as a link to problems and/or procedures within the U.S. In short, CHI is comprised of capable people of integrity and trust!