Adopt a Child from China – Adopt Alec

Adopt a Child from China – Adopt Alec

Date: 15 Feb, 2017  No Comments

Nine-year-old Alec  does very well in spite of some vision problems.  In fact, he is the monitor in his school classroom and is often the class photographer!

Here’s what his nannies have to say:

Alec can have a friendly smile when facing others, when you chat with him he will look at your eyes and go on eye sight contact. Most of the time he will sit alone quietly, but we can find that he is observing every present person carefully. In school, Alec is the monitor in his class. He often gets the praise from his teacher, but he never shows off the reality that he is the monitor. Then other children in his class tell us that Alec is the monitor. When we chat about his school, Alec will tell us that his favorite teacher in school is Teacher Wang, and he says Teacher Wang is a male teacher, he can teach them to play balls and ride bicycle. In school, Alec has learned many songs, he can stand with other children in the institute to perform. In the institute he can help aunt to clean the floor, wash bowls, and take care of younger brothers and sisters. When he is give one camera or mobile phone, he can finish the taking photo task. When asked a question, he will have a think, then he will say a few simple sentence slowly, he will use the nod way to respond most question. His language ability and reaction ability still need to get direction and increased.

Could you help Alec to be all that he can be?

To learn more about Alec, call Nicky Losse, 314 812 1742 or submit the form below.


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