Adopt a Child from China- Adopt Chad!

Adopt a Child from China- Adopt Chad!

Date: 06 Jul, 2017  No Comments

Three-year-old Chad recently moved to Alenah’s Home, our CHI foster care center.  The staff and volunteers there give him the love and attention he needs to grow to be all that he can be.

Chad has been diagnosed with progressive muscular dystrophy, but right now, his  physical development is good – both both fine and gross motor skills. He can walk very well and he has good strength. He interacts well with his nannies and the other kids. Chad understands everything he hears and can follow directions well. Chad just loves  to be cuddled… and when you open arms for him, he will come to you happily. Chad can talk , but not clearly yet. When he wants something, he will hold your hands and show you. He likes to smile and is easy to get along with. Also, Chad is a big eater.

Could Chad run into your open arms?

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