Adopt a Child from China – Adopt Donny!

Adopt a Child from China – Adopt Donny!

Date: 30 Mar, 2017  No Comments

Little Donny just turned two this March. He is an active little guy who  likes to play with  any toys he sees. Donny also likes watching TV and listening to music very much. His nannies report that

“When music is playing on TV, he will be happy and gaze at TV. He likes to smile when amused, likes to play toys when he sees them. If you take away his toys, he will cry. When sleeping he likes holding a towel. He uses his thumbs and index fingers deftly, can pinch small objects with his thumbs and index fingers, hold one of his hands with the other one, grasp objects, pick up objects, pass an object each other with both hands, beat an object each other with both hands, follow a moving toy visually, reach for toys beyond with his hand, has normal hearing. When you call his name , Donny  will turn around to locate the sound source quickly. Donny is an adorable child, will smile once being amused by the caretaker, also likes to play with other children. Presently he is unable to talk yet, he sometimes babbles by himself, saying some words no one understands.”

Although he tries very hard, Donny doesn’t walk independently yet. His muscles cause his feet to be everted, which means he walks on the inside surface of his feet. Donny has genital malformation and a simply wonderful smile.

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