Adopt a Child from China – Adopt Kang Kang!

Adopt a Child from China – Adopt Kang Kang!

Date: 15 Mar, 2017  No Comments

Kang Kang  is four and a half years old. He was abandoned at 10 months old and taken to his orphanage.  Kang Kang  does not walk yet because he has trouble controlling his limbs. He is extremely intelligent and very observant of his surroundings. Here’s a little tidbit from one of Kang Kang’s nannies: “Once everyone is taking activities in the yard, suddenly, Kevin says “Mum, a bird, a bird” excitedly, we see him throw his head back and point to the sky happily, then we know he found flying bird, Haha.”
Kang Kang participated in our Beijing hosting program a few months ago.  Here’s what his hosting mom had to say:

I played very often with Kangkang, who cannot move one arm and both his legs. He is super cute and shy, and on the bus to the picnic, he kept pulling down his hat every time I looked over at him. He loves to play ball, and we rolled a ball back and forth. He would laugh and shout with joy whenever he pushed the ball back towards me. After he warmed up to me, he started talking, and when he talks, his voice cracks into a squeak sometimes, which is hilariously cute. He is also very intelligent and kindhearted, and when he sees a friend being hit by another child, he calls them out for it and says it is not right to hit others. Because he cannot move his limbs very well except for one arm, whenever someone pushes him on purpose or accidentally he will just fall over, so he ends up hitting his head a lot. He does cry, but just by telling him not to cry, he stops crying very quickly. 

Later on in the week, we took the summer camp kids to an indoor jungle gym. It was pretty difficult and sad to take Kangkang around because he had to be carried everywhere and couldn’t run, jump, and climb like all the other kids. We ended up in the ball pit and he had a lot fun there throwing around balls and taking pictures (whenever he sees a picture of himself, he enthusiastically screams, Look, that’s Kang Kang!, talking about himself in the third person). Despite not being able to move around like the other kids, Kangkang remained very cheerful and his optimism truly inspired me. 

Another touching moment occured when we were playing together, and I had to leave Kangkang for a while to talk to the other volunteers. Kangkang, not able to walk, began rolling himself over to where I was sitting across the play area in order to be with me. This made me realize how much he needs affection and attention; at his old orphanage, he was often deprived of one on one attention, and given his disabilities, he is one of the kids who needs it the most.

I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to spend so much time developing a strong, intimate bond with Kangkang over these two weeks. Kangkang’s positive, affectionate energy and easygoing personality more than make up for his disability, and any family would be very lucky to have him. 

Kang Kang  is beloved by all at Alenah’s Home. Perhaps Kevin could be your beloved son!

 A $3,600 Adoption Grant is available to the family who adopts Kang Kang.

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