Adopt a Child from China – Adopt Teddy!

Adopt a Child from China – Adopt Teddy!

Date: 06 Jun, 2017  No Comments



Our little Teddy just turned three last month. Teddy is a good humored, curious little guy who loves books and toy cars – especially the ones that light up. He is a little shy around strangers, but once he feels comfortable, he joins right in whatever is happening around him.

Teddy has mild cerebral palsy, but he has very good small motor skills. He likes to “write” and “draw” when he gets a pen and paper. Teddy can turn the pages in his book all by himself. He is working on potty training right now. AND Teddy is starting to walk!

Teddy is very smart. He knows his colors and builds with his blocks. When Teddy gets a family to love and encourage him, there will be no stopping this wonderful boy.

Could Teddy come home to YOU? 

Call Nicky Losse 314 812 1742 or complete the form below.




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