Adopt from Bulgaria – Javon!

Adopt from Bulgaria – Javon!

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Javon is 10 years old and lives with a foster family in Bulgaria. He is hoping to be adopted and have a family to call his own. Here’s what Javon wants to tell his potential family:

My name is Javon and I am currently 10 years old. I lived my almost my whole life without real parents. I was abandoned when I was 3 years old and had lived for more than 3 years in one orphanage in a small village in Bulgaria. Currently I am living with my foster mother who I can only appreciate as she gave me all the time and attention needed in order I to be able to do all these things typical for my age now. Thanks to her I made great progress for the last two years and every day I feel more and more ready to be independent. I am sleeping by myself and taking a bath by myself and the only help I usually need for my personal care is the help for dressing up and undressing. I am in fourth grade now of a public school in one next village to which I go every day with the school bus. I had the luck to meet some really nice and patient teacher and classmates who accepted me from the very beginning even if it was challenging at first.   I am currently visiting with interest all of my classes. I only need additional resource help in math which happens two days in week otherwise for all the other subjects I am as the other students from my class. I can admit that thanks to my foster parent I work a lot after school and in the afternoons at home but she follows always my lead and never pressures me more than I can take. I am always happy to demonstrate how good I am in school by showing you my notebooks. They are very neat! I always receive positive and encouraging feedback for my home or class works and my teachers are always praising me in front of my foster parent and in my notebooks. They appreciate what a great progress I have reached since the first time I went there. At first I could not do many of the activities required at school. I was challenged because of the neglect I live with in the first six years from my life. Now I am already writing and reading well. I know some English words too and I know couple of number in Spanish! I am able to memorize things and to tell stories.

All the people around me are telling that I am very talkative and very communicative even with the new people I meet. Of course there is always the initial distance as I recognize very well the closer to me people but I just love to meet new adults and children. I have a favorite friend in school and she is a girl. I enjoy her company and feel happy when I go to school when I can meet with her and the other children. On the other hand I love being with adults too as I can talk about many things with them. I enjoy telling them about some fun activities I have done during the holidays or the summer.

I like to listen music. I even dance sometimes. If you ever heard Bulgarian folklore music, well you should know that this is something I really enjoy. Once even I asked a girl to dance with me during a school festival! Something else which I like is the weather forecast on TV! I have some favorite weather forecast TV persons and love to repeat what they are saying about the weather for the next couple of days. I can give you a weather forecast any time you wish. I have a laptop which is available for me to use and I feel good in working with it. I have there a lot of videos and pictures of myself made during the last couple of years and I love showing them. I kind of enjoy taking pictures and posing for pictures when I fell in the mood. The adults around me are saying that I am pretty charming and photogenic and I am starting to believe them. I think that I may want to work as photographer when I grow up…but who know I may become also a weather forecaster.

I am thankful for everything that my foster mother did for me and I will never forget her. Despite that I feel ready for my fortune to bring me even more ahead.  I am looking forward to meet my forever family because once I have that stable environment I am sure that I will continue going only forward and higher. Everything will be possible because I am not going to be on my own and I will have somebody who will support me in every step I make. I know that with love around me I will thrive and be happy!

26 Jan 2017

Could Javon come to your home and continue his happy life with your love and guidance?

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