Adopt from Bulgaria – Two Fine Brothers

Adopt from Bulgaria – Two Fine Brothers

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Kenway and his little brother Adley are waiting in Bulgaria.  They are in excellent health with no special needs. Here’s what these wonderful boys want their forever families to know:

From Kenway –
My name is Kenway and I am 11 years old. I like to play Hide and seek, to play on the computer, football and basketball. My favorite football player is Messi. My favorite movies are “Home Alone” and “Harry Potter.” Currently I am in 5th grade and my favorite subjects in school are music, Bulgarian language and drawing. My favorite things to eat are watermelon, cakes and potatoes. I am sociable and I have friends but my best friends is my brother and I am very positive about my life because I will always have my little brother and I am trying to take care of him in every way that I can.  I also believe in God and I have my children’s Bible and thank God every day for what I have. When I grow up I want to become social worker .if I have to be honest, I don`t know what a social worker is doing and I guess they have a lot of paper work in the end everything is for good – for the children.

My dream is also to have a forever family together with my brother and to have a smart phone. My brother and I think a lot about the day that they are going to come (our family) I want them to surprise us and just take us so we can all together go home like real family. I want us to have mother and father and we can be happy just like on the movies.

“Our biggest desire is to have family and I am sure every day with them would be a celebration for us because we are happy and together.”

From Adley-
My name is Adley and I am 6 years old. I live in a Center of a family type with my brother Kenway. I am very grateful for my brother who takes care of me all the time and helps me with everything I do. I share a room with my brother and he helps me to take care of my stuff and we keep our room clean and tidy. I am happy and feel blessed with brother like mine and every time when we sit on the table before we eat we thank God about everything we have on the table and generally in our lives. I know God protects us and there is nothing to be scared of but when I am scared I share a bed with my best friend – my brother.

I like to dance, sing, play with cars and play football. My favorite football player is Cristiano Ronaldo. And my favorite movies are “Spiderman” and “Ben10.” I like to eat potatoes and meatballs and this is my favorite and also chocolate but everybody likes chocolate.  When I grow up I want to be Spiderman and my biggest desire is to have toy Spiderman. And of course this is my second wish because as I told you my biggest desire is to be with my brother and you to find a family for us because everybody deserves to have family.

“Last Christmas I asked Santa Clause for new family and I believe that when you want something very much it happens.”

Could you be the family these wonderful boys dream of?

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