Adopt a Child from China – Adopt Calvin

Adopt a Child from China – Adopt Calvin

Date: 19 Jan, 2017  No Comments

Calvin is seven years old and VERY, VERY smart! He participated in our October 2016 “camp” in Beijing. Lucky Calvin had an American dentist who previously worked with special needs kids as his camp mom. Here’s what Dr. Wise had to say:

“Calvin is determined, and Super Smart. You don’t need to explain something to him twice, he just gets it. Sometimes he just observes and gets it. Example: By only watching my kids play with the Ipad for a few minutes he already knew how to use his fingers and choose the games there. He is independent and knows how to dress himself. He pushes his wheel chair and locks the wheels when he wants to stand up.  Calvin eats independently and  he has such a good manners during meals too! He likes languages. When I tried to say good night  or see you later….He answered bye bye…. So funny!! By the end of the third day he knew how to say: ‘bye bye, OK, more please.’  Calvin really knows how to use his hands and physical expression to communicate what he wants, like when he was thirsty or hungry or needed to go to the bathroom. Yes!!!! He knows how to use the bathroom. I put him there and he took care of himself and then he was all ready to keep going with his day. He has complete control of his bladder and bowel movements.

“I am an American dentist and I have experience working closely with kids with mental disabilities, and I have to say that Calvin is super smart and I think he has been misdiagnosed with mental disability. I know he had a difficult delivery and that is why he has cerebral palsy and this is why it is difficult for him to use his legs and talk. However, I totally think that if Calvin receives adequate physical therapy and the right orthopedic shoes, he will be able to walk and maybe even run. He has speech delay, but ,again, with the adequate speech therapy he will be able to communicate much better.  Calvin dislikes the direct sun light. I noticed that when we were outside. He needs to have his eyes checked and wear sun glasses to protect his eyes from direct sun light. Calvin is absolutely lovely and his smiles make everybody around happy.”

Could Calvin’s smiles light up your home?

A $3,600 Adoption Grant is available to the family who adopts Calvin.  Email for details

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