Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Ilin

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Ilin

Date: 28 Feb, 2017  No Comments

Handsome Ilin is eleven years old. He currently lives with a foster family in Bulgaria. Ilin was neglected by his birth family  but now he is working very hard to catch up at school and in his personal development.  In his current foster home he has solid rules which are also related to health and hygiene. He takes care of his appearance not only as hygiene but also as choosing his outfit and keeping it neat and clean. He is also able to choose accessories for the day. Ilin established  his own daily routine which includes not only his school homework but also a time to help with the chores in the house.

Ilin is  very shy and is working with his foster family to build more self-confidence and social skills. Ilin likes to follow adult direction. He tells his teachers and coaches “We are a good team?!” He starts to feel more confident once he adds a new practical skill. Ilin feels happy and content when he can be helpful with something.

Ilin likes to  use his artistic abilities to express his feelings through painting and music. He prepares folders with his drawings; he always tries to finish his drawing.

Ilin is positive on meeting his adoptive family. He wants to be adopted and he would feel very happy also to keep in touch with his foster mother as he appreciates her support very much.

Wouldn’t you love to love Ilin?

To learn more about Ilin, call Nicky Losse, 314 812 1742 or submit the form below.

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