Adopt from China – Adopt Myron!

Adopt from China – Adopt Myron!

Date: 28 Aug, 2017  No Comments



Our little Myron is not quite two years old and he is on the go!

Myron had a liver transplant in August, 2016 and has been doing well ever since then.  He is walking and talking and doing all the other things a boy his age should do.  Here’s what his nannies have to say:

“He plays with other kids, and shares his toys and food with others. He’s a bit afraid of strangers, but once he gets acquainted, he would be fine. Myron looks shy, but he laughs a lot once he get acquainted with others; he doesn’t express much, but he understands all. He has good interaction with nurses; he likes listening to music, and playing toys with other kids.”

Watch Myron’s video and see for yourself.

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