Come on over to Alenah’s Home this year!

Come on over to Alenah’s Home this year!

Spring is just about here and many folks are starting to think about vacation plans,  looking for new and experience-expanding ideas. We have just the suggestion for you –

Come visit Alenah’s Home, our CHI foster care center in Beijing!

Stay for a day, a few hours, or a few weeks. Whatever works for you.

Many of our families have already visited and quite a few have it on their calendars for the coming months.  Every year some of our grown-up adoptees come to stay and volunteer, getting reacquainted with their origins and giving back by helping with the kids still waiting and hoping for families.

Click below to watch the video and learn a little more about Alenah’s Home. Once you visit, we guarantee, you will never be the same.

Contact Mary House
847 232 6762 to learn more


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