Adopt from China – Adopt Nathan!

Adopt from China – Adopt Nathan!

Nathan came to Alenah’s Home, our CHI foster care center, last month.
Here’s their report:

  His gross and fine motor skills are on target. He can play Lego and basketball well.  Nathan likes all the toys as long as someone can play with him together.

He can run and jump well. Now, he can float on the water with swim ring. Recently, a volunteer group would like to invite our children to ride a horse, Nathan is very excited to hear about that, but we are not sure he can do it or not due to his scoliosis.

 Nathan likes reading and thinking. He keeps asking why when telling stories. And he also likes asking the question” who is the elder one and who is the younger one”. He acts like a big brother and he often takes care of little ones. He will feel a little shy in unfamiliar environment but when warms up, he will be a very outgoing, generous and talkative boy. He can  count addition and subtraction within 10 well. Now, he can float on the water with swim ring. Nathan is very easygoing, outgoing, active, generous and talkative, just like a big brother, a warm boy and a perfect monitor. For the people he is not familiar with, he looks cool, still easygoing but doesn’t say too much. 

Could this little boy be YOUR son?

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