Adopt from China- Adopt Kerry!

Adopt from China- Adopt Kerry!

Ten-year-old Kerry is learning English!


Kerry is a smart kid, performs well all around. Recently, he has learnt to know directions and routes, further learns time and thinking concept, learns to draw orientation chart. Through learning China map, he know where china is and where his province locates.

He has learnt daily math, knows numbers within 100, know counting unit, compare numbers, know simple calculation of multiplication, could recite multiplication tables. He could do addition and subtraction within 100 with high accuracy. He has made progress on English, he has learnt usage of color, titles, subjects and be verbs.

Kerry has good physical quality, good at sports activity. He has good coordination of eyes and hands. We are developing basketball activity, we are training his patting and throwing ball.


Kerry came to the orphanage in 2016 with a cervical lymphangioma, a non-malignant growth on the side of his neck. He currently takes sirolimus to address this problem and is doing very well. His current  photos and medical report show no evidence of any problem.

Could Kerry be your son?

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