Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Izar!

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Izar!

Izar  is a healthy boy with a million dollar smile!

Fourteen- year-old Izar  is a healthy boy with a million dollar smile!   Izar enjoys the company of others his age as well as adults. Izar loves playing football, watching movies, and listening to music. He likes active games. He loves competing. Izar is doing well in school and can concentrate on his work for extended time periods. He is confident in his appearance and he takes initiative in the educational process.

Izar is empathetic towards the person he is talking to and he expresses views on what is being discussed. When he communicates with people he also uses nonverbal methods for a better communication, such as gestures and mimics. He likes talking a lot as well as boasting with his achievements. His social workers describe Izar as a cheery and open to the world child.

Could Izar be part of your family’s team?

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