Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Timothy!

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Timothy!

Five year old Timothy loves music!

Here’s what Timothy’s nannies have to say:

Timothy  likes listening to music and musical activities. He sings a song after an adult, he mimics the actions and the motions. 

Timothy expresses his emotions through words and actions. He has good adaptation in the group of children. He initiates contacts with children and adults. Any  misbehavior stops with single prompting. He plays with all the children from the group. In the games, he reflects the surrounding life. He mimics the actions of the adults. He plays pretend. He does not display aggression or self-aggression. He seeks contacts with an adult, he enjoys being engaged in play. He wants to receive the whole attention. Timothy is calm and smiling. He is  warm and responsive. He is not an anxious child. He likes listening to music and musical activities.

Timothy is missing one kidney and has other excretory issues. But that does not stop him from growing and learning more every day.  Watch the video below to see this little guy in action.

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