Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Pyper

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Pyper

She wants to be adopted and waits for this to happen.

Fifteen-year-old Pyper is a healthy girl who will fit right in with her American counterparts. Here’s what her social workers have to say about her:

Pyper is social and makes friends. She tries to evaluate her friends and make a good choice. She has developed sense of justice. She hardly resigns if she was treated with injustice. She is ready to stand in front of those who hurt her and or mistreated her and speak out. In her relationships there is no envy, she is friendly and helpful. She enjoys being noticed and praised.

She is social, positive, with good self-confidence and self-esteem. She expresses her opinion and defends her rights. She has positive attitude in regards to her future.

Her priority is “I want to” over “I must”. She is more critical of others than of herself. Her own flaws remain unnoticed.  

She is motivated to finish her middle education. She believes that the knowledge she acquired will be a good foundation for coping with life and its challenges. She does not disregard her development in regards to culture.  The main sources of information are the adults, internet, TV, followed by school and her teachers. Pyper wants to be adopted and waits for this to happen.

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