19 Jul 2018

Get Involved – Orphan Sunday Plan Now

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On the second Sunday in November, congregations across the country will observe ORPHAN SUNDAY.  Join the Christian Alliance for Orphans and Children's Hope International in this vital mission.   Start to plan your congregation's participation now! xx  

20 Mar 2018

Save International Adoption!

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  International Adoption has declined by 81% You can help by taking these easy steps today: (1) Sign the Petition: Please sign the White House petition. The White House promises it will respond if we reach 100,000 signatures in 30 days. SIGN THE PETITION NOW    Once you sign, please send this on to your friends and family and post it on social media. On behalf of the thousands of orphaned children who will find permanent families because of your help – THANK YOU! IMPORTANT: Check your clutter/sp*m/junk mail to ‘verify’ your email after signing the petition or your signature

22 Feb 2018

A long, but totally worth it, story…

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Get comfortable with a nice cup of tea and a full box of Kleenex to read this long, but totally worth it, story. The following is from the folks at  Channel News Asia (CNA) GET REAL program , who have been covering the story at Alenah's Home, our CHI foster care center in Beijing for over a year now: BEIJING, China: All the boy with no ears wanted was a family of his own. Airplanes were his favourite thing in all the world to draw – “my mum and dad will come and take me away on a plane,” he’d

8 May 2017

Colombian Children Hoping for Families!

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A FAMILY WHO OPENED THEIR HEARTS... In February, 2016, my husband and I flew to Colombia to adopt a sibling group of 3.  It was not the sibling group we originally imagined 6 years ago when we began the process of adoption 2 siblings 0-4.  As the wait continued to get longer and longer in Colombia, we talked about whether we would be willing to change our preferences and adopt a larger sibling group with 3 children up to age 10.  After a lot of thought and discussion, we decided to make this change.  We were nervous about our