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19 Nov 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Eva, Maia and Ellis!

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  These three healthy siblings need to stay together! They currently reside in three different foster homes and miss each other terribly. Twelve year old Ellis likes to spend time with his friends riding his bike and playing sports.  But he also enjoys drawing and reading. His favorite books are about Harry Potter. Ellis says he would like to be a policeman when he grows up. He also hopes to fly a helicopter. Little Maia is nine years old. She likes to draw and play computer games. Maia is very loving and funny. She says that her best friend

15 Nov 2018

Adopt from China – adopt John!

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    Ten year old John is gentle, loving and wise beyond his years. He is funny and loves physical rough and tumble. He laughs, he walks by himself, and he plays. John has a diagnosis of Autism, but this does not define him. He currently lives in the Butterfly Home, but he will not be able to stay her forever. He can feed himself and will try to dress himself. He is not completely toilet trained yet but will use the toilet. He is affectionate with the other children and his favorite places to be are in the playroom or outdoors.

13 Nov 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Zachary!

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Zachary is nine years old. He was neglected as an infant and was in and out of the orphanage for the first years of his life. He has been with a foster family since June, 2015. Zachary likes playing with other children. He particularly enjoys table tennis and soccer where his observers report that "His movements are coordinated and he skillfully uses any objects and practices sports.  His biggest interest is table tennis and he plays every week. He loves the table tennis lessons he attends. In games and situations that the psychologist has observed, Zachary makes decisions and handles

12 Nov 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Maggie!

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Six year old Maggie's caregivers started out calling her "Magnolia" - a big name for such a little girl! Maggie came to the orphanage at the 15 months. She had a brain tumor removed and is doing pretty well now.  Here are some of the things her nannies report: She really enjoys children’s songs, she likes listening to music, and is able to recreate the melody quite well. If there are any exclamations in the songs, she mimics them. Her favorite songs is “Who does not eat vegetables” The child still does not speak, but there are moments when

5 Nov 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Pyper

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She wants to be adopted and waits for this to happen. Fifteen-year-old Pyper is a healthy girl who will fit right in with her American counterparts. Here's what her social workers have to say about her: Pyper is social and makes friends. She tries to evaluate her friends and make a good choice. She has developed sense of justice. She hardly resigns if she was treated with injustice. She is ready to stand in front of those who hurt her and or mistreated her and speak out. In her relationships there is no envy, she is friendly and helpful.

1 Nov 2018

Adopt from China – Adopt Gary!

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  He is a big brother in his room and he is very nice to the littles Six-year-old Gary has a few benign lipomas under his scalp but he is a healthy boy. He has had a CT scan to make certain that these are only fatty deposits and nothing more. Here's the update report from Gary's nannies just last month: There is a CT scan taken on 2016 in his files showing that "The soft tissue of the top of head has localized bulges. A suspect is Lipoma." And Gary  now doesn't have anemia. And the orphanage mentioned

1 Nov 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Ethan!

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Ethan can be shy at first. But when he gets to know you everything changes! Twelve-year-old Ethan can be shy at first. But when he gets to know you everything changes. His smile lights up his whole being! Ethan wants to study martial arts, but he had to give it up because his orphanage did not have the funds to provide his equipment. Ethan is doing OK in school, but he has to work hard to pay attention. He is currently in the 6th grade and spends time with a resource teacher as well.  Ethan likes to ride his

23 Oct 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Selena!

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  Selena dreams of receiving a letter with pictures from prospective adoptive parents. She would be happy to meet them and finally to have a loving family. Lovely Selena just turned 15.  Here's the report from her social worker: Selena is such a calm, responsive, sweet and smiley girl. A few days ago she turned fifteen years old. She is impressively wise for her age. For her birthday her teachers and friends have prepared a surprise for her and baked a special dessert – her favorite chocolate cake with strawberries.  Selena loves long walks in the city and nature.

16 Oct 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Timothy!

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Five year old Timothy loves music! Here's what Timothy's nannies have to say: Timothy  likes listening to music and musical activities. He sings a song after an adult, he mimics the actions and the motions.  Timothy expresses his emotions through words and actions. He has good adaptation in the group of children. He initiates contacts with children and adults. Any  misbehavior stops with single prompting. He plays with all the children from the group. In the games, he reflects the surrounding life. He mimics the actions of the adults. He plays pretend. He does not display aggression or self-aggression.

8 Oct 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Izar!

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Izar  is a healthy boy with a million dollar smile! Fourteen- year-old Izar  is a healthy boy with a million dollar smile!   Izar enjoys the company of others his age as well as adults. Izar loves playing football, watching movies, and listening to music. He likes active games. He loves competing. Izar is doing well in school and can concentrate on his work for extended time periods. He is confident in his appearance and he takes initiative in the educational process. Izar is empathetic towards the person he is talking to and he expresses views on what is being discussed. When he communicates

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