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21 Mar 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Ada, Jazmin and Belinda!

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  These three beautiful, healthy sisters are full of fun and potential. The orphanage social service provider reports that the girls are all doing well in school and social settings - Ada is thirteen years old. She is "calm and obedient. She easily learns the school material in this program and follows the rules in the school.  She is in 7th grade and works with resource teacher in individual education program." Ten-year-old Belinda "respects her classmates and easily communicates with both adults and peers. She follows the rules in school and in the Center. She has many interests and

15 Mar 2018

News from Bulgaria – an Update for Roland!

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Roland loves animals, especially cats and dogs We just received an update for Roland from his visit with Bulgarian social service workers. Here's their report: Roland is a very nice and friendly 10 years old boy. He is very positive and is able to talk and communicate with everybody. Roland likes to play with different toys and on different games. He loves animals, especially cats and dogs. In the house where he lives, there are a cat and a dog and he loves to play with them. Roland enjoys watching movies about animals on the television and to get to know

14 Mar 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Pam!

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  Pam is waiting in Bulgaria for a family to choose her as their daughter.  Here's what her orphanage supervisors have to say about this fine young lady: Pam is one lovely 15 years old girl. She is nice, loving, she is also able to get attached emotionally, caring and studious. When she grows up she wants to become a teacher of literature. She loves to read books, this is her favorite subject at school. She has read all the books that they are studying at school and she can’t wait to see which the next ones are. In

14 Mar 2018

Adopt from China – Adopt Liam!

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  Thanks to our Partners in Hope,  a $3,000 adoption grant is available to the qualified family who adopts Liam! Liam is just two and a half years old. This little cowboy has been in the orphanage since he was just two weeks old. Liam is walking now and, his aunties tell us, he "... has a ready smile on his face. He likes outdoor activities. He is a lovely boy"  Liam has patches of ichthyosis vulgaris on his legs and tummy, but he is otherwise healthy. Liam is currently at Weinan Orphange, former home of many of our CHI

6 Mar 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Lamar!!!

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Eleven-year-old Lamar is sure to make some lucky family a wonderful son! Below is the report from his orphanage supervisors: Lamar who just turned 11 years can win immediately everyone with his sincere smile and his friendly attitude. The people who know him describe him as the heart of every company, filling with joy every conversation. It seems almost impossible to make his smile go away as he can slip in jokes and positive attitude within the different topics.  Lamar is bright, intelligent and well-mannered child. He has an answer to any question and he is always willing to

27 Feb 2018

Adopt from China – Adopt Thomas!

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Four-year-old Thomas is a handsome little guy.  Thomas currently lives with a foster family where he likes to follow his mom around all day. Thomas has great large motor skills - he can walk, run, go up and down stairs. He doesn't talk much and is still working on small motor coordination. It is suspected that Thomas might be autistic, but this is not known for certain.  Watch Thomas' videos bellow and see what you think. Contact NickyLosse  314 812 1742 to learn more.  

15 Feb 2018

Adopt from China- Adopt Sean

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  Three year old Sean  came to his orphanage as a one month old infant, suffering from severe malnutrition.  You can see from his photo that Sean has filled out nicely. Sean currently lives at Weinan Orphanage, the former home of many of our CHI sons and daughters.  Here's the report from his nannies as of June, 2017: "He can crawl quickly; can sit by using hand to support the body. He can sit alone for a short time period. He can hold the toy by using his hands. He cannot stand, cannot walk; he is a lovely boy."

14 Feb 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Betty

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  Our sweet little Betty just turned three in January. Betty is very soft-spoken, but she is also very smart.  Spina bifida has thus far prevented Betty from walking, but it certainly hasn't stopped her from learning and participating in life at her orphanage.  Here's the report from her nannies as of December, 2017: Betty has good overall receptiveness to stimulation. She is trying to represent what she has seen with by using her toys. If her toy is taken away, she responds with a negative emotion. She claps with her hands. She places cubes in a box. She

12 Feb 2018

Adopt from China – Adopt Nannette!

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Nine-year-old Nannette is outgoing and sociable. She loves playing with the other kids, especially if they can all play outdoors. Nannette takes care of all of her personal needs herself. She is always eager to be helpful with chores around the orphanage. Except for minor hypothyroidism, Nannette is healthy in every way. She is currently in second grade in her school. What Nannette needs most is a family to love her. Could that be YOU? Watch Nannette's little video below Contact Nicky Losse  314 812 1742 to learn more about Nannette

29 Jan 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – adopt Kitty!

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  Kitty is a healthy fourteen- year-old girl. She really hopes for a family to choose her as their daughter.  Here's her story from her devoted caregivers: "Kitty is a smiley 14 years old girl. She is usually happy and funny. She covers with her smile everything that make her sad. Kitty was in procedure of adoption and she shared that when she met the family she was really happy. They made her feel very special and at first she said yes to the possibility of being their daughter. But bad advice from her foster family and from her

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