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14 Feb 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Betty

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  Our sweet little Betty just turned three in January. Betty is very soft-spoken, but she is also very smart.  Spina bifida has thus far prevented Betty from walking, but it certainly hasn't stopped her from learning and participating in life at her orphanage.  Here's the report from her nannies as of December, 2017: Betty has good overall receptiveness to stimulation. She is trying to represent what she has seen with by using her toys. If her toy is taken away, she responds with a negative emotion. She claps with her hands. She places cubes in a box. She

29 Jan 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – adopt Kitty!

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  Kitty is a healthy fourteen- year-old girl. She really hopes for a family to choose her as their daughter.  Here's her story from her devoted caregivers: "Kitty is a smiley 14 years old girl. She is usually happy and funny. She covers with her smile everything that make her sad. Kitty was in procedure of adoption and she shared that when she met the family she was really happy. They made her feel very special and at first she said yes to the possibility of being their daughter. But bad advice from her foster family and from her

15 Jan 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Mack!

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Mackinley is 14. He is a smart, witty, and nice teenage boy. He has been living in different institutions since the age of 8. Mack is now in the 6th grade, as he was enrolled at school when he was first placed in an institution. His social worker described him as a child with very good potential, who is intelligent and wants to comprehend things, and likes to think them over until he gets to the bottom of it, rather than just simply memorizing a certain thing that he studies. He was praised for doing all his homework without

10 Jan 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Edwin

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"I have been through many different situations in my life so far and I feel completely ready to have a stable and secure home with my forever family." Edwin is loving, sweet, calm, kind and joyful 12-year-old boy! His honest smile can win your attention right away. Shy at first but a little bit later, he starts  to welcome you into his world. When asked what he likes to do most, he responds that he loves helping the others.  Edwin is a great helper! He loves to help the other kids with whatever he can and he also helps

9 Jan 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Marian!

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  "Marian is bright and smiley and deserves to keep his smile forever." Marian is a very kind 14 year old boy. His passion is dancing. He participates in all of the celebrations for any event that can be organized. Two times per week there is a dance teacher who is visiting the children at the home, who shows them how to dance. Marian enthusiastically demonstrates what he has learned from the classes each time. Marian is also involved in other sports, like cricket and athletics. With the cricket team he recently won third place in the regional competition. Marian

8 Jan 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Fani!

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  Fani is a sunny 14-year-old girl, who is very curious and interested in many things. When you first meet her, she looks shy and seems like she wants to know more about you, but is not so brave to start the conversation. This can change in just few minutes, because she will listen to everything and will respond to any question asked. She is in 8th grade. At school Fani likes the classes of Chemistry and Physical education. She has good grades in these subjects. Fani has many friends at school and in the children's home where she

8 Jan 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Racer!

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"My inner faith and strength do not let me feel hopeless and I always dream big for my future" Racer is a passionate, determined and full of positive energy 13-year-old boy. As soon as you meet him you can see his kind, outgoing personality and  fall in love with his honest smile! Racer is open to talk about many topics. He loves to talk! He seems to be always the heart of any gathering, full of good ideas. Racer loves to draw and he likes to do it whenever he has free time. He likes to draw landscapes with houses

3 Jan 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Hadeya and Tage

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  Hadeya will turn 12 this month (January, 2018.) She is an active girl who loves her brother, tries hard in school, and gets along well with children and adults alike. Hadeya has a good imagination and a great sense of humor. Tage is 10 years old and a lot like his big sister. He works hard in school, gets along with everyone and likes a good joke. Watch Tage's expressions in the video below and you will giggle right along with this dynamic duo.   Hadeya and Tage hope to find their forever family in this new year.

28 Nov 2017

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Charlotte!

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15 year old Charlotte is really hoping for a family to adopt her. She is a bright, but somewhat shy,  young lady with many interests and talents. Charlotte is studying both English and German. She is often cheerful, sings, loves to dance, to invent performances and present them to the staff at her orphanage. When she is sad, she looks for the support of the staff. Charlotte loves to help with the chores, she is hard working and diligent in everything she does. She willingly performs all the given tasks. Sometimes, Charlotte cooks by herself, just with some short directions,

1 Nov 2017

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Javon

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Eleven-year-old Javon is a healthy, gregarious little fellow who currently lives with a foster family.  Javon  is sensitive, spirited, social, energetic, and curious. He likes to play and is very outgoing. He likes to talk and expresses himself without hesitation. He is interested in technology, especially cell phones. Javon has a good imagination and is eager to share his ideas. If you watch his little video, you'll  see for yourself! Could Javon be your son? Watch the video and contact Nicky Losse 314 812 1742   nicky.losse@childrenshope.net to learn more.    

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