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18 Jul 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Alon!

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Alon is smiley, active and always ready to play! Little Alon just turned seven last month.  He has lived with a foster family since July, 2013 and is making significant progress in all areas. Alon likes playing with musical toys very much.  He likes to dance to the tunes they play. He can build a tower from blocks. He can thread small objects.  Alon scribbles with a pencil but sometimes goes outside the border of the paper. Alon recently he started going to a special school.He enjoys it very much and likes to talk about all the things he does

10 Jul 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Van and Zhani

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Van's message: My name is Van and I am 13 years old. I share my life with my older sister and we live in a home for children deprived of parental care. We have very strong relationship and having each other is the concept for us of having a family. We know that actually having a family is something much more different and we know that this is something that every child deserves. This is why we would love to know how is that like. As the man in our family I can definitely say that we will be

9 Jul 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Oskar and Denzel

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Oskar and Denzel are brothers hoping for a home where they can stay together. Here's what their social workers have to say: Ten-year-old Oskar  is active and energetic in his daily routine. Oskar is with introvert personality. He creates easily friendships, but he is more shy and quiet when he is around too many other children. He expresses good adaptability. Oskar is communicative, he quickly creates friendships. He is very adaptable. He is able to share toys with the other children. He does not demonstrate leadership qualities and he does not like to be the center of the attention. He

25 Jun 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Shayne!

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"I know that I have so much better way for me to go and the forever family is the first step to be made” Shayne is eager to tell his own story to you: I am Shayne and I just turned 14 years last December. We had a party in my Group home where I live with many other children at my age. It is fun here but I am dreaming for something else - I would love to have a forever family and to be able to celebrate my birthdays with them! My story is kind of long

25 Jun 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Jazlynn

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"She still believes in the real happiness." Jazlynn is a healthy, happy thirteen year old girl.  She has many friends in her group home, but she is really hoping for a family of her own. Could you be Jazlynn's family? Watch her little video and contact Nicky Losse 314 812 1742 nicky.losse@childrenshope.net to learn more

21 Jun 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Larry

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Fifteen year old Larry really wishes for a family to love. He tells us that it is getting harder and harder to live without parents to share his life.  Larry recently celebrated his birthday and received new soccer shoes as his only gift. Here's the report in Larry's own words: “This was the best present I have ever had.  I love soccer and this my passion I really love it and this is thing that can make me smile because I think often about my life and the things I have been through. I have been disappointed many times

19 Jun 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Dorothy

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Dorothy is a lovely young lady Here's what her social workers tell us about Dorothy: Dorothy is a child at age 15 years. She was born and raised in to her biological family until she reached 12 years of age. Then her mother passed away and her father was unable to properly care for the girl. She is placed into a foster family for almost 3 years. She calls the foster parents “grandma” and “grandpa”.  Dorothy is currently is studying in a High-School for Cooking and Tourism. The school is away from the village where she lives, so Dorothy

4 Jun 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – adopt Monthy!

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  Ten year old Monthy was abandoned in a hospital in July of 2016. His mom and grandma were unable to follow through with the medical treatments required to keep Monthy's acute B-cell lymphoblast leukemia in  check. Since Monthy has been in the care of the orphanage, he has been undergoing regular treatment and he is developing very well. Could Monthy continue to recover at your home? Watch his little video and contact Nicky Losse 314 812 1742     nicky.losse@childrenshope.net to learn more.  

29 May 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Harris!

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Harris is a handsome boy who really hopes to be adopted! Thirteen year old Harris is lively and energetic. He is a little shy at first, but has a great personality once he lets his guard down. Harris is a handsome  boy who really wants to be adopted.  Here's what his social workers have to say: Harris wants the approval of adults (that includes teachers) but can’t always meet the demands. He’s lovable and seeks out affection. He has troubles following the rules and norms. He doesn’t like to watch TV, he listens to pop folk or folk music on

21 May 2018

New Video – Go Go, Nikolas!

2018-05-21T16:20:57+00:00 May 21st, 2018|

A wonderful update regarding Nikolas... We just received new video of Nikolas walking and playing. Click on the picture below for complete information about this little sweetie.  

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