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17 Oct 2017

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Margaery!

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Here are the details from a visit with lovely Margaery: Margaery is wonderful, smiling, shiny girl at the age of 15. She is eager to shareher thoughts and ideas with everyone she meets. Margaery said that she like to go to school, where she is doing great. She has good grades and often receives an “A. “. Her favorite subject is biology, as well as geography and history. Actually she thinks that there isn’t any subject which she doesn’t like, because as she said, you can learn something interesting from every subject. Currently she is in the ninth grade

3 Oct 2017

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt AJ!

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Twelve-year-old AJ is full of big dreams! Most of all, he dreams of a family to show him love and affection and help him along the path of life. Because he has a short attention span, AJ goes to special school. He is working with a speech therapist and is becoming more confident every day.  AJ likes school and enjoys the company of the other students and especially enjoys the attention of his teachers.  The teachers report that "He doesn’t know most of the rules, but he’s showing willingness to work. He can count up to 100, knows the

2 Oct 2017

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Madison

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When you watch Madison' little video you can't help but love her. She is simply a lovely young lady! Here is the report from an actual visit with Madison: Madison is a very smart, 14-year-old girl. She is very sociable and makes friends fast. She studies in the 8th grade in Professional high school for tourism. After graduating, she wants to study medicine because she likes chemistry and biology. Her favorite subjects at school are history and, of course, music. She has difficulties with Math. She shares that she cannot draw well, but she likes to write stories, poems

28 Sep 2017

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Imari

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  Imari is a handsome and healthy  12 year old who needs a family of his own. He currently lives with a foster family and has been making good progress in education and social skills. Right now, Imari has a relatively short attention span. He concentrates for about 15 minutes before his interest moves on. Imari likes to laugh and he enjoys conversation. Imari picks up on social cues and likes the company of others. Could Imari be your son? Contact Nicky Losse 314 812 1742  nicky.losse@childrenshope.net to learn more.

27 Sep 2017

Adopt from Bulgaria – Akon, Katie and Johan!

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These wonderful siblings must be adopted together. They currently live together with a foster family. Akon is 12 years old. He is healthy and very intelligent. He does well in school and has a great imagination. Katie is 10 years old. She has experienced an epileptic seizure, but she is currently doing very well. She is sociable and likes school. She a very bright little girl! Johan is just 7 years old. He is an outgoing, intelligent little fellow with a great imagination as well. Contact Nicky Losse 314 812 1742    nicky.losse@childrenshope.net to learn more about these great

26 Sep 2017

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Dario

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  Ten-year-old Dario is a wonderful boy! He  likes to help in all the activities in his orphanage. He is a self-starter with lots of good ideas for work and play. Dario is very sociable and loves attention. He follows directions well and obeys the rules.   Dario has a mentor – a lady, who often takes him for one-day excursions. They usually go to a picnic near the river where Dario goes fishing, collects wood for the barbecue, turns the steaks and the meatballs on the grill and  assists in the preparation of food for the picnic. All

1 Aug 2017

Adopt from Bulgaria – Zhani, Van and Slava!

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Zhani, Van and Slava are Bulgarian siblings and must be adopted together. Middle child Zhani is 14 years old and does very well in school. Zhani is a little shy but she takes great pride in her appearance and likes to wear accessories in her hair. Big sister Slava is17. She is a calm and steady girl, seldom impulsive, always thinking things through. Little brother Van is 13.He is a cheerful boy with a big personality. He has lots of friends in the orphanage and at school. All three children are perfectly healthy. All three are hoping to join

26 Jul 2017

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Scott!

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Scott is ten years old. He is on target physically but has a little catching up to do as far as his school performance is concerned. Scott gets along well with other kids and is cooperative with the orphanage staff even though he is a little shy with strangers. Scott needs the individual attention he can only get in a family of his own. Contact Nicky Losse 314 812 1742 nicky.losse@childrenshope.net To learn more about Scott, contact Nicky Losse, 314 812 1742  nicky.losse@childrenshope.net

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