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13 Sep 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Danny!

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Danny will not think twice if there is a chance for him to have a family who want to adopt him!  Danny is a shy, well-intentioned, respectful, smart 15- year old boy with a good sense of humor! He easily enters in contact with new people. He feels secure enough to talk about his past and his present situation. Until 2016, Danny was living with his biological father because his mother left them years before that. Danny's father got sick and passed away which led to the current placement in a group home for children without disabilities. Danny recalls that

12 Sep 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Keep these kids together!

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Gisele, Fabiana, Andre and Grady really want to be adopted together. But... Gisele, Fabiana, Andre and Grady really want to be adopted together. But if no family comes forward for them in the next 30 days, they will be split between different adoptive parents. Gisele is 10 years old.  She is very sociable and inquisitive. She loves to play outside with other kids. Giselle says that her favorite activity is to draw and to participate in competitions of the school subject “Humans and Nature.” Giselle also likes to watch movies. Gisele is hardworking too - both in school and

10 Sep 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria -Adopt Dean!

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  Dean is 12 years old, and currently he lives with his foster family.Dean enjoys riding his bike and skateboarding, drawing, dancing, playing soccer and most of all doing crafts. He is in 6th grade and is a good student. He likes physical education and drawing. He is also doing well in mathematics. Even if he has some difficulties, Dean tries everything! When he grows up, Dean wants to become a policeman because policemen save lives. His favorite things to eat are French fries, meatballs and chocolate ice-cream. Dean likes animals very much.  He has never been to the zoo but

5 Sep 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Adam and Dionnis

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Dionnis and Adam are are two happy boys with a big desire to know more about the world! These happy, healthy brothers really want to have a family to call their own. Dionnis and Adam are sunny, happy and extremely attached to each other They are very outgoing and love to make people smile. They both like going to school, but,due to earlier circumstance,  they need a little help to catch up with their classmates.  Dionnis is almost 10 years old; his favorite food is spaghetti..Adam is almost 8 and he loves to eat pancakes! Do you know how to

13 Aug 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Vinchi

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Vinchi has a great desire to be adopted and to have a good family. $4,000 Grant Available! Vinchi is wonderful, kind and very smart 14-year old boy. He is interested in everything! Here's what his social workers have to say: Vinchi is wonderful, kind and very smart 14-year old boy. He attends specialized in information technologies and programing school. When he grows up he wants to become computer specialist, and his dream is to create a program which will bring people together. This school year he will be in 8th grade. Vinchi likes Biology and Mathematics and he is doing

9 Aug 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Leanna

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  Leanna is a radiant 8-year old girl. She enjoys very much playing with dolls. Leanna's little life got off to a rocky start.  She was neglected by her biological family for her first four years. Now she lives with a foster family who take good care of her. Leanna can write her name and likes to write “mama”. She enjoys very much playing with dolls. She lives in a house with a yard, where during the vacations she plays with her pet cats all day long. Could Leanna be your little girl? Watch her video below, then contact

2 Aug 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Galia!

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Galia will be very happy if she finds her own family to love her and take care of her Here's the report from beautiful Galia's socialworker: Galia is a wonderful sunny girl at the age of 10 years. She is being raised in a foster family. She enjoys spending her time with friends, with whom she shares, plays and wings, and also rides her bicycle. Recently she got roller-skates and her friends are helping her learn how to use them.  Galia is very caring and loves to play with younger children. She never has displays of aggression; she is more

1 Aug 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Dash

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His favourite school subjects are English and sports. Here's the report from Dash's social workers: Dash is a caring, polite and well-behaving boy with great sense of humour. Dash is very social and easygoing boy. He gets in communication very quickly even with unfamiliar people. Dash is curious about the person he talks to and he maintain interesting dialog.He has been living in foster care for many years now. Even if he is grateful to his foster uncle and aunt for everything they do for him, Dash dreams of having forever family -parents who will be next to him no

18 Jul 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Alon!

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Alon is smiley, active and always ready to play! Little Alon just turned seven last month.  He has lived with a foster family since July, 2013 and is making significant progress in all areas. Alon likes playing with musical toys very much.  He likes to dance to the tunes they play. He can build a tower from blocks. He can thread small objects.  Alon scribbles with a pencil but sometimes goes outside the border of the paper. Alon recently he started going to a special school.He enjoys it very much and likes to talk about all the things he does

10 Jul 2018

Adopt from Bulgaria – Van and Zhani

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Van's message: My name is Van and I am 13 years old. I share my life with my older sister and we live in a home for children deprived of parental care. We have very strong relationship and having each other is the concept for us of having a family. We know that actually having a family is something much more different and we know that this is something that every child deserves. This is why we would love to know how is that like. As the man in our family I can definitely say that we will be

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