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9 Mar 2020

Adopted Sisters – Together at Last!

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  Sophie Granger ( left), 21, from Kansas City was adopted from Hunan Province in 2001, was curious. So late in 2019, she paid for a DNA test in an attempt to connect with her biological family in China. She found family, but much closer than she ever would have imagined. Her little sister, Sophia Bowman, 13, who was also adopted from Hunan, lives only 120 miles away in Jefferson City.  Both Girls were adopted through Children's Hope International. The two met for the first time at CHI Headquarters on Saturday, March 7. Both families were there and were thrilled by the

27 Feb 2020

A Letter from Melody…

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  WORKING TOGETHER TO FIGHT CORONA VIRUS Dear China Adoptees, Families and Friends: It is so special that we have a tie to China. The news about China always hits us hard because of this China tie.  Right now the people in China are fighting the biggest public health epidemic in 70 years. The Corona virus has officially claimed over 2,700 lives and infected over 78,000 people in China. As it progresses, we hear more and grow more concerned about its impact on the world. The Corona virus epidemic is a multi-faceted obstacle. It's more than sick people and many dying. It's

17 Feb 2020


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CHI Adoptee and Families in Action! 690 much needed N95 masks were sent to Wuhan orphanage, Wuhan Central Hospital where Dr. Li Wenliang worked, and other children and families in China. Thanks to CHI adopted daughter Cindy Bremmer Mendoza and many families and individuals who donated to the special fund! Your help is still urgently needed. CLICK BELOW to join in!    

8 Jan 2020

Happy Year of the Rat!

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Chinese NewYear is a time for families to come together and celebrate their family relationships. We hope our families across the country will carry on that tradition. Let us know your plans. Send us photos and videos of your New Year festivities. We invite our St Louis area families to celebrate with us! See details below -

14 Mar 2019

Finding a Missing Piece

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Children's Hope is going in a new direction - We aim to provide support to our grown-up and almost grown-up adoptees and their families. Take a look and give a listen as adopted daughter Kara Huffman shares her own struggles and insights. The video is about 12 and a half minutes long. The best advice is at the very end! Please SHARE wherever you think it might be helpful. Contact us at