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17 Jul 2018

Adopt from China – Adopt Gina!

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Clever little Gina will turn six next month. Gina lived at Alenah' s Home, our CHI foster care center in Beijing. for a few months this year. Here's the report from her nannies at Alenah's: Her intelligence development is great, she can understand what people say, and also can respond well. She can talk very clearly. She is very smart and talkative and good at communicating. But her physical development is limited; she can not stand up or walk.  Gina is back in her orphanage now  where she is hoping for a family to love her and help her

10 Jul 2018

Adopt from China – Adopt Henry

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"He will make giggles, with bright and sunny expression." Little Henry is just two years old.   His nannies report that  "He is relatively active. If someone walks to him to talk with him, he will put a happy smile at once. He can laugh out and there are two dimples on his face. . When someone touches him playfully, he will make giggles, with bright and sunny expression." Henry appears to have cerebral palsy.  He has regular therapy and his nannies further report that  "After every time of rehabilitation, the effect is relatively obvious. Hand stretching is taken every

9 Jul 2018

Adopt from China – Adopt Wesley

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Wesley is a perfectly healthy ten-year-old boy. Wesley came to the orphanage as an infant with cleft lip / cleft palate.  He had corrective surgery for both problems in 2009 with no further problems. Wesley likes playing with other kids and enjoys physical activities. His nannies report that Wesley "is a gluttonous child." That means that Wesley, like all growing boys, likes to eat! Could Wesley have supper at YOUR house? Contact Nicky Losse 314 812 1742 to learn more.      

27 Jun 2018

Adopt from China – Adopt Donna!

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"She is grow happily day after day." Little Donna is just five years old. Donna has congenital club feet and is somewhat developmentally delayed. Donna currently lives with a foster family where she receives individual attention. Here is what her caregivers report: Donna is in good health and seldom gets sick.  Her fine motor develops well, she can pick up small things and play with toys. Her gross development is delayed with children of same age, she can stand up and walk while holding the handrail, but she can not run or jump.  Donna loves soft and liquid food like congee,

26 Jun 2018

Adopt from China – Adopt Lianne

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She can bring happy to your family! Lianne is five years old now. She was born with meningomyelocele which was surgically corrected shortly after she came to the orphanage as an infant.  Lianne is coming along splendidly. She walks and talks and dresses herself. Here's what Lianne's nannies have to say: Lianne's intelligence is normal and average to the child in her age.  She can use the spoon and feed herself, she can dress up on her own too. She needs to be reminded to pee and poo poo. She knows to clean herself after poo poo. She is going to

20 Jun 2018

Adopt from China – Adopt Dennis!

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Dennis is a Rock Star! Dennis is a healthy twelve year old boy. He had his cleft lip and palate repaired when he was an infant and he has been thriving ever since then.  Here's what his caregivers  have to report: Dennis is a steady and surefooted child. He has good school records all the time. He is organized and can introduce himself generously. He is good at math and has gotten full marks on a recent final exam. He likes sports and likes running. As other children in the welfare institute, he is studying in a public elementary

19 Jun 2018

Adopt from China – Adopt Anthony

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  Anthony is just two and a half years old. He has been diagnosed as having cerebral palsy, but he is able to walk a little. Here's what the orphanage Nannies have to say: Anthony  understands when the caretaker calls him, is able to walk alone by holding onto things, crawl quickly, very bright, able to climb up the swing and swing himself for fun by treading the floor with his legs, likes to study shoes, when he sees a caretaker’s shoe he holds it in his arms and studies it carefully. When he sees a crack between the door

13 Jun 2018

Adopt from China – Adopt Jenny!

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Three year old Jenny underwent spinal cord surgery as an infant.  Since then, she has been in good health and is coming along nicely. Jenny is very attached to her caretakers. She can call them by names such as "Aunty" or "Grandma." According to her orphanage report, Jenny can stand alone and walk holding on to a handrail. Could Jenny call you by the name "Mom"? Contact Nicky Losse 314 812 1742 to learn more The video below shows Jenny as an infant interacting with her orphanage caregivers.

12 Jun 2018

Adopt from China – 5 Year Old Owen!

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Five year old Owen is a bundle of boyish energy!  Owen has oddly shaped ears, but his hearing is just fine. When Owen came to the orphanage as a baby, the administrators were afraid the other children might make fun of his appearance so they placed him with a foster family. As Owen grew into his foster home, he became more confident and now he talks a mile a minute. According to his social workers "the child is outgoing, and never be wordless." Owen likes to cuddle on his foster mom's lap. He follows the grandpa throughout  the house

7 Jun 2018

Adopt from China – Adopt Sarah!

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Sarah's Chinese name mean Joyful Summer Beautiful Sarah turns 4 this week. Sarah came to the orphanage as a premature infant with congenital cataracts. Here's what Sarah's caregivers report: Sarah  is an active little girl, looks beautiful, has a ready smile, agile actions, walks steadily, likes to walk around in the room, approaches the caretakers who all like her very much. Sarah likes to play with toys that make sounds, listen to music, play games with caretakers. Sarah has quick response, can distinguish caretakers in the room by their voices, understand caretakers’ words, but is unable to speak yet,

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