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14 Mar 2018

Adopt from China – Adopt Liam!

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  Thanks to our Partners in Hope,  a $3,000 adoption grant is available to the qualified family who adopts Liam! Liam is just two and a half years old. This little cowboy has been in the orphanage since he was just two weeks old. Liam is walking now and, his aunties tell us, he "... has a ready smile on his face. He likes outdoor activities. He is a lovely boy"  Liam has patches of ichthyosis vulgaris on his legs and tummy, but he is otherwise healthy. Liam is currently at Weinan Orphange, former home of many of our CHI

13 Mar 2018

Adopt from China – Adopt Susie!

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Susie is three years old now.  Her nannies at report that Susie "... can walk, has a ready smile on her face, likes listening to music, likes outdoor activities. She is a lovely little girl." Susie had surgery to correct her club feet in August, 2016. She has been coming along nicely ever since. Susie is currently at Weinan Orphange, former home of many of our CHI children. The love and encouragement of a family of her own is just what Susie needs to continue to blossom! Could lovely little Susie be your daughter? Be sure to watch Susie's video

27 Feb 2018

Adopt from China – Adopt Thomas!

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Four-year-old Thomas is a handsome little guy.  Thomas currently lives with a foster family where he likes to follow his mom around all day. Thomas has great large motor skills - he can walk, run, go up and down stairs. He doesn't talk much and is still working on small motor coordination. It is suspected that Thomas might be autistic, but this is not known for certain.  Watch Thomas' videos bellow and see what you think. Contact NickyLosse  314 812 1742 to learn more.  

15 Feb 2018

Adopt from China- Adopt Sean

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  Three year old Sean  came to his orphanage as a one month old infant, suffering from severe malnutrition.  You can see from his photo that Sean has filled out nicely. Sean currently lives at Weinan Orphanage, the former home of many of our CHI sons and daughters.  Here's the report from his nannies as of June, 2017: "He can crawl quickly; can sit by using hand to support the body. He can sit alone for a short time period. He can hold the toy by using his hands. He cannot stand, cannot walk; he is a lovely boy."

12 Feb 2018

Adopt from China – Adopt Nannette!

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Nine-year-old Nannette is outgoing and sociable. She loves playing with the other kids, especially if they can all play outdoors. Nannette takes care of all of her personal needs herself. She is always eager to be helpful with chores around the orphanage. Except for minor hypothyroidism, Nannette is healthy in every way. She is currently in second grade in her school. What Nannette needs most is a family to love her. Could that be YOU? Watch Nannette's little video below Contact Nicky Losse  314 812 1742 to learn more about Nannette

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