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31 Aug 2017

Adopt from China – Adopt Tanner

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Just two years old,  Tanner is working hard to be all that he can be. His nannies report that "Tanner is extroverted and restless, energetic. He has a ready smile; fond of listening to music; fond of playing toys; he has quick reaction to all things. When teased, Tanner can giggle. He watches the people around him and reaches out his hands to them. He shows happy facial expression." Tanner has been diagnosed with Down syndrome. Watch his video to see this happy little guy for yourself. Call Nicky Losse 314 812 1742  

28 Aug 2017

Adopt from China – Adopt Myron!

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Our little Myron is not quite two years old and he is on the go! Myron had a liver transplant in August, 2016 and has been doing well ever since then.  He is walking and talking and doing all the other things a boy his age should do.  Here's what his nannies have to say: "He plays with other kids, and shares his toys and food with others. He’s a bit afraid of strangers, but once he gets acquainted, he would be fine. Myron looks shy, but he laughs a lot once he get acquainted with others; he doesn't express

24 Aug 2017

Adopt from China – Adopt Jared!

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Our Jared is just two years old. The nannies at the orphanage call him “Little Stone.” Here’s their report on this little guy: Little Stone is very adaptive to the new environment; he plays with other babies and shares his toys and food; he actively attends early childhood classes. Little Stone is a very smart boy, he interacts very well with nurses and he understands almost everything. He’s not afraid of strangers and plays well with everybody. Little Stone’s  basic condition when he arrived at Shanghai Baby Home was good, but then he was diagnosed hernia, and he received inguinal

7 Aug 2017

Adopt from China – Adopt Cora!

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Three-year-old Cora is is a gentle and adorable girl with a million-dollar smile.  Her face lights up when she gets any attention from her nannies or from volunteers at her orphanage. Cora's laugh makes everyone around her feel happy too. Cora likes to play with toys but, most of all, she likes being with people! Cora has Down syndrome and a heart full of joy! Could Cora bring happiness to your heart and home? Contact Nicky Losse 314 812 1742

2 Aug 2017

Adopt from China – Adopt Simon!

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  Three-and-a-half year old Simon is a real  bundle of energy. He is very curious and interested in everything around him. Simon likes playing with the other kids and has strong opinions about what he wants to do. Simon’s corneal leukoma does not hold him back much. There are several ways this condition can be addressed medically. Can you see Simon as part of your family? Contact Nicky Losse 314812 1742  

28 Jul 2017

Adopt from China – Adopt Hugh!

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  Hugh is three and a half now and ON THE MOVE! His nannies report that Hugh "... is a very extroverted boy, walking and running everywhere, likes to play with other children, understand nanny’s directions and can make correct reaction. Even though Hugh has been diagnosed as Down Syndrome,  both his mental and physical developments are normal up to his age. He is potty trained but still wears diaper right now." Could Hugh run home to YOU? Contact Nicky Losse 314 812 1742

11 Jul 2017

Adopt a Child from China – Adopt Paulie

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  Four-year-old Paulie is doing his best to grow in all aspects of his life.  Paulie can sit up for a few minutes and he is learning transitional movements from sitting to crawling, moving forward on his  stomach and using his arms and legs (one of the steps towards crawling). Paulie doesn't talk yet, but is headed in that direction.  He makes recognizable sounds to communicate. These include clicking his tongue to show happiness. This is a new sound of self-expression to communicate and we are excited because it is an effort he makes towards speech!  He does not

9 May 2017

An Update for Kang Kang

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Alenah's Home staff, where Kang Kang currently lives,  encourage  him to strengthen his arms through a variety of everyday activities. The teacher said  Kang Kang's arms don't have much strength. When brushing his teeth, the teacher will remind Kang Kang to move his arms not his head.  Kang Kang participates in his class and will answer the questions readily. When working on rehabilitation training, Kang Kang will tell himself "You can do it!! " When he feels tired, he will tell the rehab teacher to have a rest. Kang Kang has learned some poems and nursery rhythms. Now, Kang Kang knows

1 May 2017

Adopt from China – Adopt Chelsey!

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Pretty little Chelsey is coming along nicely.  Chelsey is 2 years old and working hard to be all that she can be.  She can walk when someone holds her hand and she tries to  make her wishes known through baby sounds and expressions. Chelsey can entertain herself, but she does enjoy the company of other kids. Chelsey has Down syndrome. She has had successful surgery for ASD. Is there a place in your heart for Chelsey? Call Nicky Losse 314 812 1742 or complete the form below.  

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