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4 Dec 2018

Adopt from China – Adopt Holly!

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  Three-year-old Holly is just a little dumpling! She is somewhat delayed in her development but she is coming along nicely.  Holly can walk independently and her other physical development seems OK. Holly doesn't talk much; she will express her feeling by shaking her head or through facial expression.  Most of all, Holly likes to be cuddled. Do you have an extra cuddle for little Holly? Watch her video below and contact Mary House 847 323 6762 to learn more  

15 Nov 2018

Adopt from China – adopt John!

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    Ten year old John is gentle, loving and wise beyond his years. He is funny and loves physical rough and tumble. He laughs, he walks by himself, and he plays. John has a diagnosis of Autism, but this does not define him. He currently lives in the Butterfly Home, but he will not be able to stay her forever. He can feed himself and will try to dress himself. He is not completely toilet trained yet but will use the toilet. He is affectionate with the other children and his favorite places to be are in the playroom or outdoors.

1 Nov 2018

Adopt from China – Adopt Gary!

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  He is a big brother in his room and he is very nice to the littles Six-year-old Gary has a few benign lipomas under his scalp but he is a healthy boy. He has had a CT scan to make certain that these are only fatty deposits and nothing more. Here's the update report from Gary's nannies just last month: There is a CT scan taken on 2016 in his files showing that "The soft tissue of the top of head has localized bulges. A suspect is Lipoma." And Gary  now doesn't have anemia. And the orphanage mentioned

8 Oct 2018

Adopt from China – Adopt Francie!

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"... we believe that she would give the family more joys and happiness." Two-year-old Francie's nannies have a heartfelt wish for this little girl: "Francie is a very wonderful girl. Everyone likes her very much, hopes that she will find a family which loves her as soon as possible, to make her enjoy the love of dad and mom, to have happy childhood and have a better future, and we believe that she would give the family more joys and happiness." Francie doesn't talk yet, but she can imitate sounds. She is fond of listening to music; when there is music, she

27 Sep 2018

Adopt from China – Adopt Teddy!

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Teddy is a good learner. And he learns very fast. Six-year-old Teddy came to Alenah's Home, our CHI foster care center in Beijing, this past May. Here's the report from his nannies: At first, Teddy was not familiar with the new environment and he only showed kindness to people who he likes. and he is shy to express himself. But now Teddy is becoming more and more comfortable and he is willing to express and show kindness to others. Teddy is a good learner. And he learns very fast. When he heard some new songs, he would follow to sing it

24 Sep 2018

Adopt from China- Adopt Kerry!

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Ten-year-old Kerry is learning English!   Kerry is a smart kid, performs well all around. Recently, he has learnt to know directions and routes, further learns time and thinking concept, learns to draw orientation chart. Through learning China map, he know where china is and where his province locates. He has learnt daily math, knows numbers within 100, know counting unit, compare numbers, know simple calculation of multiplication, could recite multiplication tables. He could do addition and subtraction within 100 with high accuracy. He has made progress on English, he has learnt usage of color, titles, subjects and be verbs.

20 Sep 2018

Adopt from China – Adopt Nathan!

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Nathan came to Alenah's Home, our CHI foster care center, last month. Here's their report:   His gross and fine motor skills are on target. He can play Lego and basketball well.  Nathan likes all the toys as long as someone can play with him together. He can run and jump well. Now, he can float on the water with swim ring. Recently, a volunteer group would like to invite our children to ride a horse, Nathan is very excited to hear about that, but we are not sure he can do it or not due to his scoliosis.

19 Sep 2018

Adopt from China – Adopt Lisa

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Lisa is very smart and talkative and good at communicating. Clever little Lisa just turned six last month.  Lisa lived at Alenah’s Home, our CHI foster care center in Beijing. for a few months this year. The nannies at Alenah's Home report that "Her intelligence development is great, she can understand what people say, and also can respond well. She can talk very clearly. She is very smart and talkative and good at communicating. But her physical development is limited; she can not stand up or walk." Lisa's active mind and lively conversation help balance her immobility.  Wouldn't you

17 Sep 2018

Adopt from China – Adopt Tim!

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Tim is just 5 years old and he can do lots of "big boy" things! Tim has been at Alenah's Home,our CHI foster care center, since March, 2018.  Tim has been diagnosed as Down Syndrome, but he is not far behind the others his age. Here's what his nannies have to say: Tim is always wearing a smile and he likes to be cuddled, His gross motor skills are pretty good but will be a little slow. Tim can walk, run, and jump well.   His fine motor skills are normal. He is a left-handed person. And he will use his