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27 Feb 2020

A Letter from Melody…

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  WORKING TOGETHER TO FIGHT CORONA VIRUS Dear China Adoptees, Families and Friends: It is so special that we have a tie to China. The news about China always hits us hard because of this China tie.  Right now the people in China are fighting the biggest public health epidemic in 70 years. The Corona virus has officially claimed over 2,700 lives and infected over 78,000 people in China. As it progresses, we hear more and grow more concerned about its impact on the world. The Corona virus epidemic is a multi-faceted obstacle. It's more than sick people and many dying. It's

24 Feb 2020

Supplies Arrive in Wuhan

2020-02-24T23:02:34+00:00 February 24th, 2020|

Thanks to all who helped! The masks purchased and shipped through donations from our CHI families and friends were delivered last week to Wuhan Central Hospital and the Wuhan Orphanage. Thanks to all who helped! Medical supplies are still in short supply. Your help is still urgently needed.  

7 Feb 2019

from some Little Students in India

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you are in their prayers every day Saying "Yes" to YES! schools Hundreds children who come from the poorest of the poor are now receiving quality education. This life-giving education is free to each student. If not for these “free” schools, the vast majority of these disadvantaged children would receive no education at all, thus extending the vicious cycle of extreme poverty. Fifty-nine million Indian children between the ages of 6 to 14 do not attend school and thus receive no education. The children in the video are working on an art project in their class room. Pastor Papa