9 Mar 2020

Adopted Sisters – Together at Last!

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  Sophie Granger ( left), 21, from Kansas City was adopted from Hunan Province in 2001, was curious. So late in 2019, she paid for a DNA test in an attempt to connect with her biological family in China. She found family, but much closer than she ever would have imagined. Her little sister, Sophia Bowman, 13, who was also adopted from Hunan, lives only 120 miles away in Jefferson City.  Both Girls were adopted through Children's Hope International. The two met for the first time at CHI Headquarters on Saturday, March 7. Both families were there and were thrilled by the

24 Feb 2020

Supplies Arrive in Wuhan

2020-02-24T23:02:34+00:00 February 24th, 2020|

Thanks to all who helped! The masks purchased and shipped through donations from our CHI families and friends were delivered last week to Wuhan Central Hospital and the Wuhan Orphanage. Thanks to all who helped! Medical supplies are still in short supply. Your help is still urgently needed.  

17 Feb 2020


2020-02-17T16:40:58+00:00 February 17th, 2020|

CHI Adoptee and Families in Action! 690 much needed N95 masks were sent to Wuhan orphanage, Wuhan Central Hospital where Dr. Li Wenliang worked, and other children and families in China. Thanks to CHI adopted daughter Cindy Bremmer Mendoza and many families and individuals who donated to the special fund! Your help is still urgently needed. CLICK BELOW to join in!    

25 Sep 2019

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IT SEEMS WE HAVE LOST TRACK OF SOME OF OUR FAMILIES! We sent out an important mailing and too many envelopes have come back as undeliverable. Let's stay in touch! If you haven't received postal mail from Children's Hope lately, please CLICK HERE   to let us know where to find you.

6 Aug 2019

Travel to China With Children’s Hope!

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Children's Hope is Happy to Help! Do you want to show your children their first culture?  Visit their orphanage? Volunteer at Alenah's Home? Begin a birth family search? Children's Hope is happy to help! We can take care of all the necessities  -  guide you through visa issues, contact your orphanage, manage in-country travel, arrange for hotels, guides and sight seeing and just about anything else you hope to do. Email info@childrenshope.net to get started today.

25 Jul 2019

You’ve been there before…

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Will you do it again? From Dwyatt Gantt - I just got an email this morning from Pastor Paparao in India, telling of a special need they have now for wells for villages with no water. To be exact 263 villages have asked him for a well. Naturally I thought of you as someone who has had a heart for this before. Perhaps the purest work on earth is being done under the direction of Pastor Paparao Yelchuri in Kakinada, India. To the poorest people on earth, he is providing wells for villages that have no water. Even before getting

5 Jun 2019

Suffering in Cambodia

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Some days they don’t have enough money to buy food to feed the whole family. Here's an update from Pastor James on his work with families forced to live in the "new" Phnom Penh garbage dump: This area we called new garbage dump, the government move from the old garbage dump in Phnom Penh city to outside of city from 2009 until now. The people working every day to pick up trash for sale, this is their daily work. For the new garbage dump, there are people living in this area about 300 families, for people living life there is

29 May 2019


2019-06-05T16:14:50+00:00 May 29th, 2019|

WHAT’S ALL THE EXCITEMENT ABOUT? This is one pocket of 1000’s of people crushing in on young men distributing the first copies of the Gospel of John in Ethiopia. After 10 years of strenuous and complex work of Gabe Beyenne  to accomplish the translation and printing of the Bible in Tigreina, the language of the Northern region of Tigrai in Ethiopia.  They had no Bible except in Geez the ancient language which was incomprehensible to the people.  This is the first day of distribution of the first copies of the Scriptures. Partners in Hope are providing financial support for

29 May 2019

Thank you so much for your compassionate help

2019-06-05T16:16:43+00:00 May 29th, 2019|

A message to our Partners in Hope from Pastor Paparao  in India “Nookalamma Manyam where more than 4000 people are living. In this village, there is no medical doctor at all. The women in the villages are suffering so badly with blood issue problems, Diabetics, Ulcer problems, Skin problems, Malaria, Cold, Cough, Fever, Asthma, T.B. stomach pain, ulcers etc. Also, the children are suffering with mal-nutrition, skin problems, ring worm, thread worm, loose motions etc. The people in this village are very poor and they are from backward class community, untouchable community. They do not have a chance to

23 May 2019

Your Prayers Are Requested

2019-06-05T16:18:05+00:00 May 23rd, 2019|

CHI Associate Director Melody Zhang is on her way to Henan Province to deliver an address at the 2019 Chinese Child Protection Summit . This is an ongoing effort made by CHI in the development of programs and services for abused children in China. Children’s Hope China is hosting the summit and among the first group of NGOs to work in advising and cooperating with the Chinese authorities to bring transformational change for abused children. In 2018, Children’s Hope China set up True Love Home,  the first shelter for abused girls in the country. Please pray for Melody and

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