Children’s Hope International is partnered with VESTA, a Bulgarian Hague accredited non-governmental organization dedicated to the well being of orphaned and abandoned children.  Together, we are working to unite these children with loving adoptive families.  Children, ages 18 months to 14 years old are available for adoption.

The ethnic background of most of the children available is Bulgarian; however, the children are of mixed ancestry. Ethnic origin makes a difference in the cases in Bulgaria. For example, children that are considered Gypsy (Roma) or Turkish children are not likely to be adopted by Bulgarian families because they are considered minority. Many of those children have an olive complexion, brown eyes, and dark brown or black hair. Caucasian children are also available. Families may not voice a preference in ethnic background. The birth parents of the children who are available for adoption have either signed over their parental rights or the court has terminated these rights. Sibling groups are quite common in Bulgaria. When sibling groups are available, they will most likely 3 years old and up. The children are generally healthy, with the exception of some having minor correctable needs. Typical orphanage delays are expected. There are children with special medical needs available also.

The available children live in orphanages in various regions of the country.  Staff will assist you throughout Bulgaria.


Age of Parents

Parents between the ages of 23 and 49 may adopt a child 12 months or older. Parents 50 to 55 years old may adopt a child 4 years or older.

Marital Status 

Couples married at least one year may adopt. Each spouse may have up to two divorces. If there is a history of divorce, the current marriage must be 2 years or longer.

Children in Family 

Families with children are welcome to adopt from Bulgaria.

Single Applicant- Single women may adopt.


Families will have a positive net worth and an income of at least $10,000 per family member, including the adopted child.

Criminal History

Applicants can have no history of felonies and no more than two misdemeanors in their lifetime.

Medical History

Applicants with a past or current diagnosis of a life-threatening or communicable disease or other condition that impairs their ability to parent and/or the quality of life of a child are ineligible.

Travel in Country 

Two trips are required. One or both parents must travel for the first trip to bond with the referred child for five to seven days. One parent is required to return on the second trip, which lasts five to seven days. CHI strongly recommends that both parents travel.

Time Frame for Adoption

The approximate time frame from application through finalization of an adoption:  The wait is at least 4-5 years for a healthy child. The approximate time frame from application through finalization for a waiting child is 18 to 24 months.

Bulgaria Fee Schedule – August 1, 2017

  1.  $7,800  Children’s Hope International Agency Fee Includes:$400 application fee. $2,200 agreement and document fee (review/counsel)$4,700 dossier fee (includes information, assistance, preparation, presentation and translation of dossier)$500 humanitarian aid
  2. $3,500 International Program Fee: (due upon submission of dossier)    Includes: translation, liaison with government and agency authorities, social services, development fee, facilitation, adoption, travel coordination, post adoption processing.$1,500 Post-Adoption Support Fee & Refundable Deposit
  3. $1,500 Post-Adoption Support Fee & Refundable Deposit$1000 Post-Adoption Support Fee (mailing, processing, follow-up)$500 refundable post-adoption deposit
  4. $4,000 Referral Fee – (due when child assignment is accepted)Includes:Final adoption paperwork, travel preparation & coordination of your trip.Sibling fee (If adopting more than one child the referral fee is double)
  5. $6,000 Final International Program Fee   (Due before 2nd trip to bring child home)

          Approximate Cost of Adoption not including travel      $22,850.00


  1. Travel Costs: Approximate travel costs for 2 parents                         $10,500.00
    $3,000 x 2 Airfare – US to Bulgaria round trip per trip (coach fare)$1400 inside country travel (2 trips)$1200 Hotel (room/board for 2 trips, each one week, 2 adults/1 child)$500 Child’s documentation – visa, passport, medical, etc.     (approximate per child)$500. Airfare for child – will vary depending on the age$900 Interpreter ($65 per day- 2 trips)

                                     Approximate Total Cost for 2 adults adopting an infant under 2.       $33,350.00


Other costs will include:

  • Home Study and Post Adoption fees, these fees are determined by the agency you choose.
  • I-800A immigration fee $720.00 + $85 per person over the age of 18 living in your home to be fingerprinted.
  • Documentation fees vary from state to state. The cost will be approximate $300 for documents to be notarized and apostilled but it depends on the state in which you live.
  • Visa to Bulgaria ($130 per person plus courier fees)
  • Other costs: shopping, telephone expenses, and tips while in country

Children’s Hope International’s fees are good for one year from the date that you signed your application.  Children’s Hope International has no control over other agencies’ fees (Bulgaria adoption fees, CIS, Non CHI Home Study Agency, etc.).  If your name is not on the dossier list within this year, then you need to submit a new application and pay the current year’s fees.



Review the   QUALIFICATIONS  for adoptive parents outlined above to see that you qualify.

Submit your   APPLICATION  to Children’s Hope International online or ask for an application.

You will receive your Dossier Workbook (Clear Steps to Take) upon your acceptance into the program.

You will receive Home Study instructions  and resources from a social worker.

Most of all you should know that our team will work with you personally on every issue and question.


To talk it over with someone, call Nicky at 314-812-1742 

or Email: Nicky.Losse@ChildrensHope.net 

Photos on this page are used by permission.  The children pictured are not available for adoption.

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