adopt a child from china – There are many children in China for adoption waiting for a loving home.


Today, the overwhelming majority of adopted children coming home from China — through all agencies — have at least some minor special needs. Some have minor medical issues, others have more serious concerns. Some have had surgery in China and missed their opportunity to be adopted as infants. They are just as lovable now, but they are no longer babies. Now they need your love more than ever!   Chinese children for adoption.

This program is open to couples and single moms age 30 – 55.
Every one of these kids is special – Each one needs a family to love.
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Why Children’s Hope?

Experienced and Respected

We have been working in China since 1982.  We carry out our work with integrity in our own foster homes, in relationship with the CCCWA orphanages, and with each child and family we serve.  Adopt a child from China.

Our Commitment is Enduring

We are committed to giving Homes, Health and Hope to Children in Need.  We maintain Alenah’s Home, our own foster care center in Beijing. We also sponsor 18 “Little Homes of Hope” for seriously ill children and their families. We have a large dedicated staff throughout China.  We will completely guide you to adopt a child from China.

Adoption/Social Work Services

Children’s Hope works closely with families throughout adoption.   We provide adoption resources, grants for special needs children, homeland tours, citizenship answers, medical and nutrition information. All  because we know that your adoption doesn’t end when you arrive home.  We will stand with you in all steps to adopt a child from China.

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Photos on this page are used by permission.  The children pictured are not available for adoption.