Abandoned, forgotten by most, loved dearly by a few, but waiting for what they need the most – a home that will love them for who they are and what circumstances are theirs.  They are truly the “least” but will be loved the most by men and women moved by love and faith.  Some have minor needs, some require a lot of time and attention.  All need love.

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As a special Gift of Love from our Community of Hope, we are currently able to provide a $3,600 Adoption Grant to families adopting some of our special focus children through Children’s Hope International.

Grants apply to the children with the Gift of Love Heart on their photos.  You can see the children who have grants available HERE

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HOW YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN QUICKER:…You can shorten the time a child waits to be adopted. How? It’s very simple: be paperwork ready.Long before you first see the photograph of your new child, you can begin working to shorten his waiting time. By taking the step to commit yourself to a particular agency, by completing your home study and dossier, you are literally erasing days and months that your child will have to wait. When your paperwork is ready, you’ll be amazed at how quickly the process can move.

If you’ve been considering adoption, but you haven’t begun your paperwork yet, start today.
Don’t wait another day.
Your child is waiting for you.

Call 314 812 1742  or APPLY ONLINE to get started today!