Colombia is a fascinating country where adoptive families come and go without difficulty. Colombia has a long history of adoption. They have had a very organized central authority in Bogotá for many years, known as the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF) which processes the Colombia adoptions and oversees the licensing of private orphanages.

Children aged 1 through early teens are available for Colombia adoption. There are many sibling groups available, as well as special needs children. Many children are abandoned by single parents who simply cannot afford to feed them, or who must work to survive and cannot afford child care while they work. Others come from families where they have been neglected or mistreated and their parent’s parental rights have been taken away from them. All of them need a permanent family.

We are currently  taking applications from all families interested in older children – 9 years and older, sibling groups and special needs children

Persons from Colombia whose spouse is an American citizen may apply for children ages 0-6.

Colombia Adoption Qualifications

The authority in adoption in Colombia, ICBF prefers couples be married a minimum of two years, or living together for that period of time and currently married, before applying. Children’s Hope requires you be married for one year before applying.

If pursuing the adoption of a child 0-4 years old or a young sibling group of two, no more than two young children should be living in the home at the time of application. Please call for more information.

All families must be open to either a boy or a girl; preference, however, may be stated and taken into consideration by ICBF.

Single woman may adopt a child 8 years old and older.

Colombian families can request a healthy child of any age.  Non-Colombian families can only request a special needs child (of any age), older child (over 7) and older sibling groups.

Families 45 years old and older must be open to a child 7 years and older. The parents age at referral will influence the age of a child ICBF approves for the family.

Families with health and mental issues will be considered on a case by case basis.

Age Requirements For Colombia Adoption Program

Parents’ Ages Age of Child Referred
25-37 0-2 years
25-45 3-6 years
25 – 45+ couples 7 and older or
Sibling Groups
Special Needs
Single Women 8 and up


Colombia Fee Schedule – 8.1.2017


  1. $7,760 Children’s Hope International Agency Fee:  

$400 application fee
$2,200 agreement and document fee (review/counsel)
$4,660 dossier fee (includes information, assistance, preparation, presentation and translation of dossier)
$500 humanitarian aid

  1. $3,500 International Program Fee: (due upon approval of dossier by ICBF)

Includes: translation, liaison with government and agency authorities, social services, development fee, facilitation, adoption, travel coordination, post adoption processing.

  1. $1,500 Post-Adoption Support Fee (mailing, processing, follow-up)
    $1000 Post-Adoption Support Fee (mailing, processing, follow-up)
    $500 refundable post-adoption deposit (When post adoption reports are completed)
  2. $3,450 Referral Fee:        

Includes final adoption paperwork, travel preparation & coordination of your trip.

Sibling fee (If adopting more than one child, referral fee is double)

  1. $1,800 Misc. Colombia Adoption Fees  (approximate)

$1,500 Attorney
$300 Translator

$18,060  Approximate Cost of Adoption not including travel

  1. $7,700-$8,600  Travel Costs: Approximate travel costs for 2 parents    

$2,400+ Airfare – US to Colombia and return (coach fare)
$200 Inside country travel (per person one way)
$4,400 Hotel (room and board for 4 weeks, exit taxes, taxis)
$600 Child’s documentation (visa, passport, medical, etc.)    Approximate per child.
$100 – $1,000 Airfare for child will vary depending on the age

$25,560-$26,660  Approximate Cost of Adoption for 2 adults adopting an infant under 2.           

Other costs will include:

  • Home Study and Post Adoption fees, these fees are determined by the agency you choose.
  • I-800A immigration fee $720.00 + $85 per person over the age of 18 living in your home to be fingerprinted.
  • Documentation fees vary from state to state. The cost will be approximate $300 for documents to be notarized and apostilled but it depends on the state in which you live.
  • Visa to Colombia
  • Other costs: shopping, telephone expenses, transportation and tips while in country.


Children’s Hope International fees are good for one year from the date you sign your application.  Children’s Hope International has no control over other organizations’
fees (USCIS, Non CHI Home Study Agency)


Submit an APPLICATION to adopt from Colombia.  It’s online and you will be contacted very soon after submitting it.  You will receive a written Adoption Guide to Colombia.

Pre-file for your child’s visa, following the instructions of your home study agency.  Easy peasy.  We’ll tell you how.

Make an appointment with CHI for your home study if you live in Missouri.  We will advise if you do not.

Apply for a passport,  We’ll help with that.

You will receive a guide on getting the right documents  Begin gathering the documents for your dossier. Your Colombia Adoption Guide and one of our staff will make it almost simple.

Children’s Hope staff will assist you with each of these steps and provide complete details on how to complete paperwork for a Colombia Adoption.

Email:   Or get your answers right now.  Call: 314-812-1742

Photos on this page are used by permission. The children pictured are not available for adoption.

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