Colombian Children Hoping for Families!

Colombian Children Hoping for Families!

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In February, 2016, my husband and I flew to Colombia to adopt a sibling group of 3.  It was not the sibling group we originally imagined 6 years ago when we began the process of adoption 2 siblings 0-4.  As the wait continued to get longer and longer in Colombia, we talked about whether we would be willing to change our preferences and adopt a larger sibling group with 3 children up to age 10.  After a lot of thought and discussion, we decided to make this change.  We were nervous about our decision but when we got our referral and we talked some more, it just felt right.

We were in Colombia for a month and brought home Valentina, age 9, Bradimir, age 6, and Lorena, 18 months.  It has not been an easy year, but as we come together as a family, I can see how much we have changed and grown in the past year.  Both Valentina and Bradimir initially struggled in school.  However, after some English tutoring over the summer, they started school in the fall acting like traditional ELL students.  In fact, their ELL teacher nominated Valentina and Bradimir for a Hope award in courage.  They were selected to receive the award together because of the courage they have shown over the past year. We are so proud of them.

Lorena also continues to bring us joy everyday with her stubbornness and silliness.  She was not walking at 18 months when we arrived in Colombia. She was taking her first steps with us within a week.  When we arrived home and had our first doctor visit, she was behind for her age.  She has been in daycare and by her 2 year old visit she had caught up.

If we have learned anything from this process it’s that kids are resilient.  We still have struggles but I am so glad we decided to open our hearts to considering a larger sibling group.

-Gene and Joletta Fr



Colombian children of all ages need adoptive families. Families where one parent is of Colombian heritage can request a child 0-4 years old or a young sibling group of two.   Parents of Colombian descent can be matched with a healthy child ahead of non-Colombian families.  Your child’s age will be appropriate to your age.
Non-Colombian families can adopt a single child 10 years or older, 2 siblings 0-10 years old, or sibling groups of 3 or 4 any age or special needs children.The wait time to be matched is very short for these children, 2-12 months after submitting everything to Colombia’s adoption center (ICBF).

Contact Nicky Losse for more information on the Colombia program
314-812-1742 or