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Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Pearl

Date: 07 Mar, 2017  No Comments  MARY HOUSE

  Little Pearl is not yet two years old.  Pearl has been officially diagnosed with “moderate spastic quadraparesis” which means she does not have good control of her arms and legs.  Her photos show her sitting without support and holding small and larger items so a re-evaluation of Pearl’s medical records might be a good

Adopt a Child from China – Adopt Flora

Date: 06 Mar, 2017  No Comments  MARY HOUSE

Nine-year-old Flora is an independent little soul. Flora’s nannies tell us that “she has strong self-esteem.”   We think Flora has every right to be proud of herself! In spite of her mild CP, she is helpful, cheerful and she smiles a lot. Flora can walk alone. She can independently eat and go to the toilet

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Ilin

Date: 28 Feb, 2017  No Comments  MARY HOUSE

Handsome Ilin is eleven years old. He currently lives with a foster family in Bulgaria. Ilin was neglected by his birth family  but now he is working very hard to catch up at school and in his personal development.  In his current foster home he has solid rules which are also related to health and

Adopt a Child from China – Adopt Alec

Date: 15 Feb, 2017  No Comments  MARY HOUSE

Nine-year-old Alec  does very well in spite of some vision problems.  In fact, he is the monitor in his school classroom and is often the class photographer! Here’s what his nannies have to say: Alec can have a friendly smile when facing others, when you chat with him he will look at your eyes and

Adopt A Child from China – Adopt ADAM

Date: 15 Feb, 2017  No Comments  MARY HOUSE

Adam is 7 years old now. His cleft lip was repaired when he was a baby. His Chinese name was given to him in the hope that  “he would grow into a man who was capable of protecting others.” Due to his cleft palate, Adam doesn’t talk much.  Adam does enjoy music and likes to

Adopt a Child from China – Adopt Joey!

Date: 07 Feb, 2017  No Comments  MARY HOUSE

Hamburger-loving Joey  is 6 years old. When he came to the orphanage as an infant, the nannies were all worried because he wouldn’t eat much. But under their diligent care, Joey has grown into an active, inquisitive little boy. Joey is outgoing in personality. He can run and jump in spite of his mild CP.  He can

Adopt from Bulgaria – Javon!

Date: 07 Feb, 2017  No Comments  MARY HOUSE

  Javon is 10 years old and lives with a foster family in Bulgaria. He is hoping to be adopted and have a family to call his own. Here’s what Javon wants to tell his potential family: My name is Javon and I am currently 10 years old. I lived my almost my whole life

Adopt from Bulgaria – Two Fine Brothers

Date: 06 Feb, 2017  No Comments  MARY HOUSE

  Kenway and his little brother Adley are waiting in Bulgaria.  They are in excellent health with no special needs. Here’s what these wonderful boys want their forever families to know: From Kenway – My name is Kenway and I am 11 years old. I like to play Hide and seek, to play on the computer,

Adopt a Child from China – Adopt Molly

Date: 19 Jan, 2017  No Comments  dwyatt gantt

Pretty little Molly just turned two this past October. The bandaid you see on the side of her head is helping her heal from a surgery to remove a growth. Molly came to her orphanage as a very weak infant. But with loving care, her condition rapidly improved. Now Molly lives at Alenah’s Home, our

Adopt a Child from China – Adopt Calvin

Date: 19 Jan, 2017  No Comments  dwyatt gantt

Calvin is seven years old and VERY, VERY smart! He participated in our October 2016 “camp” in Beijing. Lucky Calvin had an American dentist who previously worked with special needs kids as his camp mom. Here’s what Dr. Wise had to say: “Calvin is determined, and Super Smart. You don’t need to explain something to him

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