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Addison Higgins (above left) and her classmates were charged with writing a “Taking Action Plan” involving a Global Issue that they were passionate about and/or held special meaning for them. Addison chose over-population in the world and, more specifically, in China.  She then narrowed her focus to international adoption because of its significance in her life.  Her “plan” was to raise money in support of adoption agencies who work to find forever families for children impacted by China’s over-population and one child policy.

Big sister Lucy Higgins feeding a cookie to little sister Addison. This picture does indeed hang on the wall in our CHI home office in St Louis, MO.

The assignment was to simply come up with, and write about, a possible “Taking Action Plan.”  Addison decided to take it a step further and solicited donations from family, friends and neighbors. Addison’s mom tells us that “Addison is a socially conscious individual who genuinely cares about others and who has a gift for engaging others in causes that she is passionate about.”

Many of our CHI families and grown-up adopted sons and daughters spend time “giving back” by volunteering and working at Alenah’s Home.

Photos on this page are used by permission.  The children pictured are not available for adoption.

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