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Adopt a Child from China

We work in with families in all States to successfully adopt from


Since 1992 we have helped over 8,000 families in every step of the process to adopt.  From application to completing the paperwork and bringing their child home.  And we are there for them for education, direction and encouragement.

We provide HOMESTUDY SERVICES for families in Missouri and coordinate homestudies for families in other states.

Our staff in China works with EXPAT families to help them become forever families for Chinese orphans.


What Is a Home Study?

A home study, sometimes called a “family assessment,”  is a written report containing the findings of a social worker who has met on several occasions with the prospective adoptive parents, has visited their home, and who has investigated the health, medical, criminal, family and home background of the adoptive parents. The issues addressed in the home study report are dictated by the department of family services in your state, and, for international adoption, the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services and the requirements of the sending country.

What is required of prospective parents for the home study?

Interview  You will be interviewed several times by the social worker. These interviews help you develop a relationship with your social worker that will enable her to better understand your family.

Home Visit Home visits primarily serve to ensure your home meets state licensing standards (e.g., working smoke alarms, safe storage of firearms, safe water, adequate space for each child, etc.). Social workers are not inspecting your housekeeping or decorating standards.

Health Statements Each prospective adoptive parent will be required to have a physical exam. The purpose of the exam is to know that the prospective parents are essentially healthy, have a normal life expectancy, and are physically and mentally able to handle the care of a child.

Income Statements The prospective parents are asked to verify their income by providing copies of paycheck stubs, W-4 forms, or income tax forms. You will be asked about savings, insurance policies and other investments and debts.

Biographical Statements Each prospective adoptive parent will be asked to write an autobiographical statement. This is essentially the story of your life. This statement helps the social worker better understand your family.

Background Checks Each prospective adoptive parent and anyone living in the home over the age of 16 years old will be required to have a criminal and child abuse record clearance for all adoptive applicants.


References The social worker will ask you for the names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of three or four friends and family members to serve as references for you. References help the social worker form a more complete picture of your family and support network. References should be individuals who have known you for several years, who have observed you in many situations.



Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a home study cost? 
The time it takes to conduct the home study will vary but will usually take more than 60 days to complete because of background checks and other documents needed. You can help speed up the process by gathering the required documents immediately and scheduling visits with your worker on a timely basis.

How much does a home study cost? 
The cost of the home study depends on what kind of adoption you are pursuing. Our fees are competitive and based on what is typical for your area.

What might disqualify our family from adopting?
A serious criminal record or any overriding safety concerns would preclude the social worker from approving your family.

How do I get more specifics and to get started?
IN THE USA Call 314-812-1742314-812-1742 or Email:

In China, call (010)64462430/31/32/33


Helping You Through the Home Study Process

Children’s Hope International is licensed in the state of Missouri to conduct both international and domestic home studies for families that reside in the state of Missouri. We do not work with birth parents. Children’s Hope International believes that as a family the international adoption experience is not completed after the child comes home; the adoption journey is a life-long experience accompanied by a life changing commitment. We look forward to helping you along this beautiful journey!

If you would like specific information sent to you regarding a home study in Missouri, please contact Nicky Losse at 314-812-1742 or





If you are an expatriate living in China and would like specific information regarding our office in China doing your home study, please call (010)64462430/31/32/33


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