A long, but totally worth it, story…

A long, but totally worth it, story…

Get comfortable with a nice cup of tea and a full box of Kleenex
to read this long, but totally worth it, story.

The following is from the folks at  Channel News Asia (CNA) GET REAL program , who have been covering the story at Alenah’s Home, our CHI foster care center in Beijing for over a year now:

BEIJING, China: All the boy with no ears wanted was a family of his own. Airplanes were his favourite thing in all the world to draw – “my mum and dad will come and take me away on a plane,” he’d say, having watched yearningly as all the other children he’d grown up with left with new mummies and daddies.  But, as each year went by and he grew older, and it was always some other orphan’s turn to leave the foster care home but never his own, Wu Keyuan’s chances of being adopted grew dimmer. ( The video below is the first broadcast of this remarkable story).

Mr Yap Vong Hin, 60, and his wife, Dr Lim Poh Lian, 52, hadn’t been looking to adopt again. Already with three children in their late teens – one of whom was adopted from China 16 years ago – they were looking forward to becoming empty-nesters.  But they saw the program on CNA . In particular, one sparkly little boy with a band around his missing ears – he’d been born without them – tugged at their hearts.  It was Keyuan’s poignant quote that did it for the Yaps. “I must be patient,” he said, the optimism shining in his eyes. “We can’t rush it. If we all rush for it, we’ll end up fighting!” Said Dr Lim: “At the end of the documentary, I was in tears.What if everyone thought that someone was going to do something – and he just ended up waiting and waiting … and nobody came? The human heart can only take so much grief… so we thought – we can’t do everything but we can do this one thing.”  

So the couple, who are Singapore permanent residents and United States citizens, flew up to Beijing to meet Keyuan on his 8th birthday.  They contacted Children’s Hope International to get the process going. On Jan 29, 2018, Lucas Keyuan Yap was officially adopted into the Yap family – with whom he is spending his very first Chinese New Year in Singapore, in a real home to call his own. 

For Get Real executive producer Sharon Hun, the aim of the series has always been to create awareness – but making this direct impact on lives was “beyond our wildest hopes”, she said. “I just assumed that people would be more interested in volunteering or donating money,” said producer/director of the episode, Ms Hoe Yeen Nie. “But for someone to come and say ‘we are going to share our lives with this boy’, it really is a wonderful surprise.”

Click below to see Keyuan’s homecoming and
read about his new family.

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