Children’s Hope International – Visit Alenah’s Home!

Children’s Hope International – Visit Alenah’s Home!

2018 Summer volunteer group #1, May 30th, 2018. Medical student Lauren McCroskie and her family volunteered for two weeks..

Every year, a growing number of our grown-up sons and daughters visit Alenah’s Home, our Children’s Hope foster care center in Beijing.  Some come with their families, some with a group of friends and some come on their own. Many of our adopted kids stop in for a few hours on their way to visit other places. Others stay for a few days, or weeks, or even months. They all get a feel for their own early life and a sense of”giving back” to those still working to help orphan children in China. Everyone who spends time with the kids at Alenah’s Home comes away forever changed.

A visit to Alenah’s Home is a great  idea for a family vacation, a travel group reunion trip, or a gap year for our grown up adoptees.

Watch the video “Love Lives Here” below to get acquainted with Alenah’s Home.
to learn how you can join the growing number of visitors to Alenah’s Home in Beijing!



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