Waiting Children in China for adoptions are Available to Married Couples and
Single Moms.

To Adopt a Child from China – Parents must be between 30 and 55 years of age when their dossier goes to China. For single applicants over 50, the age difference between the child to be adopted and the applicant should be no more than 50 years (new consideration by the CCCWA 12/5/14).. The age difference between a single mother and adopted child can be no greater than 45 years. (new consideration by the CCCWA 12/5/14). Applications of prospective parents over 55 will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Think you might be too old?   Be sure to see Adoption Options for Older Parents.


Couples must be married at least 2 years.  If this is not the first marriage for either partner, couples must be married for 5 years.

Applicants must be healthy both physically and mentally according to the requirements by CCCWA.  Call 314 812 1742 to discuss new CCCWA rulings on this requirement. Parents must have no criminal records, and have good moral quality and conduct

To Adopt a Child from China – Family annual income must be at least $10,000 per household member, including the adopted child. Married couples must have a net worth of at least $80,000.

Single applicants must have a minimum net worth of $100,000. Parents must have medical insurance which can cover the medical expense of the adopted child. The number of children under the age of 18 in the SINGLE applicant’s family shall be no more than THREE (new consideration by the CCCWA 12/5/14).

Call Nicky Losse (314) 812-1742 to talk.


Photos on this page are used by permission.  None of the children pictured are available for adoption.

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