Partners in Hope are serving orphans and needy children in many nations.  Your donation will be a constant assurance that no need goes unmet. The vulnerable are given love and true hope ...

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Have you considered adopting an orphan?  There is no greater need in the world than the need of a child for a family.  Click here to learn more about where and how ...

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Here are the pictures of real children waiting for parents.  You can ‘meet’ them here by viewing their image and reading their story.  Ask God to direct you.    

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Foster Care in Country – Special Needs Care Centers – Little Homes of Hope We believe in the preservation of families and, when possible, reuniting a child with their family.

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Orphan & Vulnerable Children Care Alenah’s Home for Special Needs Children provides medical surgeries, post-surgery care, rehabilitative therapy and Medical Missions / Mobile Clinics Nutrition and Feeding Programs Community as well.

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Counseling – Guidance – Prayer. For Social Work that finds answers. Our programs provide education opportunities for the poor, Little Homes of Hope for families in crisis, genuine help for sudden tragedies, prayer, social work counseling for a real road up and out.

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ADOPT a Waiting Child

We are waiting for someone to love us and give us a home.

You can adopt a waiting child or help a family to adopt!  Call 314-812-1742 or CLICK HERE to email for more information.

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Become a Monthly Sponsor/Partner in Hope with Children’s Hope

The sun never sets on the places where we and our sponsors /partners are helping children.

Whether it is in Alenah’s Home for Special Needs Orphans in Beijing, Little Homes of Hope in 18 locations in China, giving homes, health and hope to the most helpless and vulnerable; surgeries, therapy or hospitalization for those with no funds – Or schools, orphanages, feeding programs, mobile medical clinics and fresh wells for villages in India.  Or basic sanitation education, clean water and a care program for families living on the city dump of Phnom Penh in Cambodia –  Education in Bulgaria or Vietnam or Baby Formula in Ethiopia, or 100 needs that may and do arise, our monthly donor / sponsor/ partners change the lives of children whose names only God knows.

When you give monthly, you are saving lives each and every day. Children’s Hope partner/sponsors are able to reach the children, families and communities where the need is greatest and monthly donations allow us to be prepared with supplies in the event of an emergency AND provide ongoing care to these children. With homes of hope, clean water, education and health care, it’s through the generosity and commitment of sponsor/partners like you that we are able to save children’s lives and give a bright hope for the future for your $19 per month.

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Alenah’s Home

Our Home in Beijing provides unique care and love for Orphans with special needs.   They are the least of these but loved by God and our partners and staff.  Every day and night for over 10 years the most needy receive therapy, medicine, education, food, clothes, care and love.

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Little Homes of Hope

Eighteen (18) Little Homes of Hope have been opened in 8 cities – and the number is increasing.  Located near hospitals, these become centers where children and family caretakers receive counseling, prayer and encouragement and live together in a home environment of positive healing and hope during a child’s surgery and recovery.

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Wells & Clean Water

Wells in India and Cambodia provide clean water for families in villages that never had it before.  Think about it! $650 pays for a well serving all the families of a whole village.

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Medical Rescue

More than 5,000 surgeries, and counting, including heart and cleft lip performed for orphans and the very poorest and most vulnerable children.

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Children’s Hope Partners

We are YOU. Individuals, families, congregations, adoptees … those whose hearts are moved with compassion to carry out a ministry of love to the most vulnerable children anywhere. Become a Partner in Hope for THE GREATEST NEED.

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The future changes for children in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and India who receive tuition, books, uniforms and lunches and can have an education.  No free schools in these nations.  The tuition is small but out of reach for poor families.

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The Council on Accreditation (COA), a national accrediting entity designated by the US Department of State to provide Hague Accreditation and Approval, invites the public to provide comment on intercountry adoption service providers seeking Hague Accreditation, Approval or Renewal. You are invited to provide comments through COA’s website at:

Photos on this page are used by permission.  The children pictured are not available for adoption

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