Bulgaria Waiting Children

Adopt from Bulgaria – Zhani, Van and Slava!

Date: 01 Aug, 2017  No Comments  MARY HOUSE

  Zhani, Van and Slava are Bulgarian siblings and must be adopted together. Middle child Zhani is 14 years old and does very well in school. Zhani is a little shy but she takes great pride in her appearance and likes to wear accessories in her hair. Big sister Slava is17. She is a calm

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt DANI AND VINCENTI!

Date: 26 Jul, 2017  No Comments  MARY HOUSE

  Dani and Vincent are brothers. Thirteen year old Dani’s all time favorite school subject is math. He also enjoys gym classes very much, and studies English at school. He likes volleyball and sometimes watches games on TV. He likes watching the news, as well. Dani is confident and self-determined. He hopes to become a

Adopt from Bulgaria – Adopt Scott

Date: 26 Jul, 2017  No Comments  MARY HOUSE

    Scott is ten years old. He is on target physically but has a little catching up to do as far as his school performance is concerned. Scott gets along well with other kids and is cooperative with the orphanage staff even though he is a little shy with strangers. Scott needs the individual