The murky water in the photo above was the only source of water for drinking, cooking and washing for families in this poor Indian village. Now, thanks to our Partners in Hope, the villagers have ready access to clean well water at a nearby tap. Below is a personal message from Pastor Paparao, our contact in poor Indian towns:

“ I take this opportunity to thank you so much for your compassionate help to dig a water well in a needy village where the people are suffering due to lack of safe drinking water. Now, with your kind help, we have completed this project successfully. The bore well was installed in  Durgada village Approximately 700 families in this village, most of the people here belong to backward class families, low income groups, untouchable communities. People in may villages are suffering a lot due to lack of safe drinking water. Now, because of your kind help and support, the water problem in this village was solved and all the village people especially the women were so happy and thankful to you for your kind help.”   – Pastor Paparao, India


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Over the past few years, our CHI Partners in Hope have provided a significant number of wells
through Pastor Paparao’s work, but the need is still great.
The full cost for a complete well is $650 but any  amount will help provide a new well.
A Partner in Hope automatic monthly gift of $19 can keep this work going all year ’round.

Thanks from Pastor Paparao:

“Lakshmi is a 28 yr old widow from a child marriage to a 65 year old who passed away when she was 25. She is now a very active member of the sewing center. Thanks to partners like you, Lakshmi and her team stitch blouses, dresses, hand bags and other handy items for a living. Another young lady, Gayatri, who was rehabilitated from a prostitution chattel is a nurse today in Obstetrics and Gynecology ward and tends to young mothers in our free hospital and takes an active role in free medical clinics arranged by partners like you every month in many backward villages. What more could be an example of God’s own work?” – Pastor Paparao, India

Suggested gifts for rescued moms:

$240 – 1 sewing machine + 9 months training
$60 – business start up materials

Or become a Partner in Hope with a monthly gift of $19 to give a sewing machine this year!

A message from Pastor Paparao  –

“Nookalamma Manyam where more than 4000 people are living. In this village, there is no medical doctor at all. The women in the villages are suffering so badly with blood issue problems, Diabetics, Ulcer problems, Skin problems, Malaria, Cold, Cough, Fever, Asthma, T.B. stomach pain, ulcers etc. Also, the children are suffering with mal-nutrition, skin problems, ring worm, thread worm, loose motions etc. The people in this village are very poor and they are from backward class community, untouchable community. They do not have a chance to see a medical doctor. But, with your kind help and support, today, more than 150 poor patients received medical help for their illness. On behalf of all these poor patients, I thank you so much for your compassionate help to conduct this free medical clinic.”

– Pastor Paparao, India.

Suggested Gifts to Keep Hope Alive through Mobile Clinics in India:

$50 – exams and medicine for 20 people
$250 – exams and medicine for 100 people!

An automatic monthly gift of $19 gives a clinic visit to 19 people every month.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  Nelson Mandela

-year-old Padma was abandoned by her parents in a filthy bus station. When the little girl was brought to the attention of Pastor Paparao at CHI affiliate Mission to the Nations, she could only sob her desperate story. Now Padma goes to school and does very well.

Pastor Paparao reports that  “Padma, the bright eyed, ambitious little girl, said she wanted to be a teacher one day, so that she could teach other girls and aid to the empowerment of women ! That’s the heart God blesses us with. And that’s the responsibility which we learn in all our Bibles!

– Pastor Paparao, India

Suggested gifts to Keep Hope Alive for children like Padma:

$100 -1 child’s school expenses for 1 year
$500 for 5 children’s bright futures

Your automatic monthly partnership gift of $19 Keeps 2 children in school every month + more!

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Photos on this page are used by permission.  The children pictured are not available for adoption.