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Adopt a Child from China – Adopt Teddy!

Date: 06 Jun, 2017  No Comments  MARY HOUSE

    Our little Teddy just turned three last month. Teddy is a good humored, curious little guy who loves books and toy cars – especially the ones that light up. He is a little shy around strangers, but once he feels comfortable, he joins right in whatever is happening around him. Teddy has mild

Adopt from China – Adopt Chelsey!

Date: 01 May, 2017  No Comments  MARY HOUSE

Pretty little Chelsey is coming along nicely.  Chelsey is 2 years old and working hard to be all that she can be.  She can walk when someone holds her hand and she tries to  make her wishes known through baby sounds and expressions. Chelsey can entertain herself, but she does enjoy the company of other