ICBF prefers couples be married a minimum of two years, or living together for that period of time and currently married, before applying. Children’s Hope requires you be married for one year before applying.

Families where one parent is of Colombian heritage can request a child 0-4 years old  or a young sibling group of two.  They should have no more than two young children living in the home at the time of application. Please call for more information.

Non Colombian families can request to adopt a single child 10 years or older, 2 siblings 0-10 years old, sibling groups of 3 or 4 any age or special needs children.

The parents age at referral will influence the age of a child ICBF approves for the family.

Families with health and mental issues will be considered on a case by case basis.

Age Requirements For Colombia Adoption Program

Age Requirements For Colombia Adoption Program

Parents’ Ages Age of Child Referred
25-45 0-4 years (Col. Families Only)
25-50+ Single children 10+
Sibling group (of 2) 0-10 years
Sibling Groups (of 3 or more children) any age
Special Needs
Single Women 10 and up
Single Women 8 and up

Email: Nicky.Losse@ChildrensHope.net   Tel: 314-812-1742

Photos on this page are used by permission.  The children pictured are not available for adoption.

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