Requirements for parents:
Requirements for parents: For couples as well as single moms,  there must be no more than 50 years between the child and parents.  Couples must be married at least 2 years but exceptions are sometimes made. For couples with 2 divorces they must be married at least 5 years.  Couples can have no more than 5 children under the age of 18 in the home with the youngest being at least 3 years old.  For single female adoptive parents they can have no more than 3 children under the age of 18 in the home also with the youngest being at least 3 years old.  Families must make an annual income of $10,000 per person in the home and couples must have a net worth of $80,000. Singles must have a net worth of $100,000.  Please call us if you have questions about qualifying.

Children available:
Today, all children coming home from China — through all agencies — have at least some minor special needs. The process to adopt a child with a medical or developmental condition, or an older child, currently stands at 12-24 months from application to placement. A family requesting a toddler-age girl with a minor condition should plan for the longer end of the range. Families who are open to a broader age range, open to a boy and/or open to a broad special needs profile will typically get through the process in 12-18 months or less. Either way, China is one of the fastest and most stable adoption programs

Wait times:
For a Special focus child, families can be matched with a child before their dossier is completed. Once the dossier is completed, families usually travel about 6-9 months later. For other waiting children, families must have their paperwork completed and submitted in order to be matched. We can explain and will work with you to make that happen..

Travel/Length of stay in country:
10-14 days

Approximate cost without travel $24,785.00 . Approximate travel fees (2 parents) $8,000. Other various fees not included; home study, US immigration application/fingerprinting, dossier documentation, visas to China.  (Approximately $5,000).


Requirements for parents:
Couples/Singles 23-49 may adopt a child 1 year or older.  Parents 50-55 can adopt a child 4 years or older.  Couples must be married at least 1 year and each spouse may have up to 2 divorces.  If there are divorces the current length of marriage must be 2 years.

Children available:
Children mainly 3-12 years old available but some younger children case by case.  Must be open to at least some minor special needs or a very long wait time.   Boys and girls available.

Wait times:
Healthy children 0-6 years old 5 plus years wait time.  7 – 12 years old 1-2 years wait.  For children of all ages with special needs 1-2 year wait time or shorter depending on the special needs.

Travel/Length of stay in country:
2 trips required.  1st trip about 1-2 months after referral.  2nd trip is about 3 months later.  Both trips are about 5-7 days in country.

Approximate cost without travel is $23,350.00.  Approximate travel fees (2 parents/2 trips) $10,500.  Other various fees not included; home study,  US immigration/fingerprinting, dossier documentation, visas to Bulgaria.  (Approx. $5,000).


Requirements for Adoption

Heterosexual Couples 25 to 60. At least one of the spouses must be 25 or older; the other may be younger.  Single women 25 to 60.

What  Is The Wait Time From Dossier Approval to Assignment?
For All Families:

For a single child 0-4, the wait is approximately 5 years.

For a single child 5-11, the wait is approximately 2-3 years.

For 2 siblings 0-7, the wait is approximately 2-4 years.

For 3 or more siblings or children 11 and older, the wait is 6-8 months.

For Couples, What is the Marriage Requirement?

You must complete the 3 year marriage requirement before submitting your dossier.

What are the Age Requirements?

All adoptive parents must be 25 years old or older when the dossier is submitted. There must be a minimum 15 year age difference between adoptive parents and adopted children per Honduran law.

Previous Divorces:

Previous divorces will be considered, with the current marriage of sufficient length to show that this marriage is stable. The home study will include in-depth information on any counseling, classes, groups attended, etc., that show growth and change in this area.

Health of Adoptive Parents:

DINAF prefers the adoptive parents to be in good health, but they have not established specific parameters for those who may not adopt. In general, they should not have degenerative or infectious diseases, but some health problems are acceptable. With respect to disabilities, these may be accepted in an adoptive couple if the other spouse is in good health.

Issues that might prevent a Honduran adoption:

  • Criminal history of a serious nature
  • Serious medical illnesses (e.g. insulin dependent diatetes, lupus, etc.)
  • Cancer within the last 3 years
  • Mental/emotional health issues or on medication for mental health issues
  • Recent bankruptcy

If you fall into one of the above categories, it would be good to call or e-mail us and let us know the specifics of your situation so we can tell you what our experience has been with people in similar situations.

Approximate Fees:

Approximate Total Cost for 2 adults adopting one child    .                                    $30,850.00


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