There are loving families who can give a good home to a child and provide for his physical and emotional needs.  But they just don’t have the resources to cover the costs involved in international adoption.   There are even more families and individuals with a heart for adoption but because of age, family size or other considerations , are not in a position to adopt themselves.  If you are one ofthose,

You can be an ANGEL IN ADOPTION!  

Give an Angel Grant


You will love to help a family give love and adoption to child who would love to have a family.

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What is an angel grant?

Adoption Needs Grant Everyone Loves.

Often, families come to us with an abundance of love to offer an orphaned or abandoned child — but a shortage of funds required to adopt. Families hoping to adopt a child with a special medical or developmental need face an even greater financial burden, as many of these children will require expensive medical procedures once home.

But there is good news.  Because of partners like you we have been able to give certain families a little help that goes a long way. We have been able to offer grants of $2000, and sometimes more to ensure that a family with love for a special child with needs can make it happen.

Some children had medical health issues that required surgery or physical therapy. Other children waited longer for families because they have siblings, and needed a family who could adopt all of them.

Today, the simple truth is that just about every child joining an adoptive family internationally has some form of special needs — needs that require extra care, often at extra expense. But with an adoption grant sustained by Partners in Hope like you — the world changes for one child and one family.  And you feel a whole lot better yourself!

When you give to the Angel Fund, you can remove one major barrier facing children and families who deserve to be together.

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Photos on this page are by permission.  None of the children pictured are available for adoption.

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