We adopted our 8-year-old son through CHI. Nicky Losse & the St Louis office staff (Tina, Angie) as well as the China CHF & Alenah Home staff were absolutely wonderful to work with, both during and after our adoption. CHI is doing our post-placement reports.

Doing the adoption as expats living in Singapore made international adoption even more complicated. Nicky & CHI were professional, super on-the-ball, responsive, and honest – which we deeply appreciated. They answered emails promptly (given our 14-hour time difference) and were accessible for scheduled phone calls. As a fairly OCD person, I really liked how CHI has made efforts to organize the paperwork, to make the paper-chase (which can be quite overwhelming) both clear & manageable.

We pushed the timeline as fast as we could and completed our adoption in 10 months. Nicky and the staff were very patient and gracious with all our queries, and excellent to work with. Our adoption trip in China went well, even with inevitable hiccups in province and winter weather travel challenges. Their China guides, Julia and Simon, were wonderful, very capable, kind and got stuff done. We are so thankful for CHI’s help with our China adoption, and do recommend them highly to our friends who are considering adoption.

– Poh Liam Lim Yap

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