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Passwords and Information

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Username: Childrens-Hope-International

Password:     ChildrensHope1949Adopt!!MH Childrens-Hope-International
PW is : )8h)wjhaujkx1QyY*8jN5*7O
Old adopt site CHIkeephopealive      11780borman
Theme color #72b7bc



CHI Aqua – 72b7bc  OR, Maybe better (deeper Aqua)  368A9C

Green (Nice)  2B7471

CHI Gray  dddddd

Holt Blue – 004F6E

Fonts Font:  Heading:   Montserrat

Body: Droid Sans

Blog Headline Font – Raleway  (Tall and slender)

Very wide picture 1600 wide
Solid Header   to put in SOLID  HEADER.(No picture)
Picture Header    Picture
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Website IP Address IP:
Easy way to add text to a pic.