China Adoption Fees

China Fee Schedule US Dollars
Revised March 1, 2017

Adopt a Child from China

  1. $6,500   Children’s Hope International Agency Fee:
    1. $300.00 application fee,
    2. $2,000.00 agreement and document fee
    3. $3,700.00 dossier fee,
    4. $500.00 humanitarian aid
  2. $3,650     International Program Fee:                                                                                         
    1. Includes: Referral, translation, liaison with government and agency authorities, social services, development fee, facilitation, adoption, travel coordination, post adoption processing.  (If adopting two children this fee is double)
  3. $1,360  Post-Adoption Support Fee and Bridge of Love Translation Fee
    1. Includes:$1,000 post-adoption support fee. (Mailing, processing, follow up)
    2. $360 translation fee for post-adoption reports paid to the Bridge of Love @ $60 per report.
  4. $5,500+    Orphanage Fees:
    1. Includes 35,000 (Renminbi) This is an in-China fee required by the CCCWA for the benefit of orphans not adopted.  (Paid according to current exchange rate) Not tax deductible by U.S. tax laws.  Paid to orphanage upon receiving your child.
  5. $1,650     CCCWA Fee:
    1. Includes:  $1,450.00Dossier submission fee.
    2. $200.00  Online processing fee.
  6. $2,000     Misc. China Adoption Fees- fees are approximate and will vary by province
    1. Includes:$200 Registration,
    2. $550 Notary, $200 Passport Fees,
    3. $15 Translation fee for Adoption Certificate,
    4. $400 US Consulate – child’s visa, passport picture wire and courier fee,
    5. $123 Medical Exam in Guangzhou  for children under 2 / $254  Medical Exam in Guangzhou  for children over 2$495 Service Fees: related to orphanage and official services

Approximate Cost of Adoption not including travel                                                $20,760.00

Travel Costs: Approximate travel costs for 2 parents for 12 days adopting an infant  Includes costs below

$3,000+ Airfare – US to China and return (coach fare)
$5,000+ Inside China travel: based on double occupancy and infant (hotels with breakfast, 2 flights in China, sightseeing,ground transportation, coordinator travel expenses,service fee and tipping for most groups).
Airfare – China to US for infant lap ticket or child 2 – 12, fees are a % of the adult fare.

$450 Additional travel companion fee $450.00

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